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My name is Sally and I'm a full-time student in Aviation Management & Services. It is an honor to stand here today, representing the class of 2014. First of all, congratulates to all fellow graduates for our success in TAP. The three years of hard work have finally paid off and now, we are ready to embark on a new chapter In our lives. How many of you still remember your very first day when you step Into the campus? Do you feel lost? Do you still remember when was the first occasion when you talked to that someone who is presently your closest friend? I believe many of you do encounter the problem of heart racing when you couldn't find your classroom on your first week of school and was still struggling to try to get used to the new people and new environment around you. However, this tough period has past and in a blink of an eye, we have all got closer with our classmates and have together created tons of wonderful memories during these three years. I guess what I will miss most after graduation will be the times here I had to rush for project deadlines with my group mates. It was almost every week that we had to stay back after school and also, spending countless sleepless nights to complete the projects.

Indeed, it was a stressful period of time, but it trains us to work as a team and the sense of achievement and satisfaction after submitting a project that was well done is really indescribable. 4 Our time in TAP has been truly a great experience. The significant milestones that we had made were truly memorable. Recall back to the first orientation camp that we .NET to, our first presentation inferno of the class and our final year internship and major project has really shaped us to who we are today.

A wise man once said that a journey Is best measured In smiles, rather than miles. I believe I wouldn't be what I am currently without the advice and support of many of the people here today. On behalf of Class of 2014, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the lecturers, tutors, family and friends who have supported us throughout the previous three 5 As we move on to the next phase of our lives, remember that graduation arks the end of one entryway and the opening of another.

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Introduction speech

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The future may be uncertain and surprise us, but here's some advice from Harvey McKay. He said: ' Find something you love to do, and you will never work a day in your life. " That is pretty much(virtually) what TAP taught me as well, ' Love what you do, and you will be doing what you love. ' As we spread our wings to take off higher, let's all remember that we have come this far through hardwood, cooperation and discipline. Thank you ladies and gentlemen and to my fellow graduates, Happy Graduation!

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