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For the Interview, I chose to Interview my good friend Colleen. I chose to Interview her because we became great friends during the fall of 2009 during an MET class at Greenfield Community College. The interview took place on February 1 1, 2009 after school at the Greenfield Community College library. I asked her several questions about her life and goals, and I learned many interesting facts about her Growing up she began to have a passion for working with horses. At the age of eight, she began taking rolling lessons and hasn't let that passion die. Enjoy riding and feeling the movement of the horse beneath me. When I ride, I feel like nothing can touch me it's just me and my horse. " Being homesteaded let her explore different passions she had. It gave her extra time to spend learning farm management at a local farm, also allowing her to pursue her growing passion for emergency medical care. While In high school she joined her local fire departments Junior department. "I found that I had a lot to prove joining the Northfield Jar.

Program, I was about to embark Into a field that's considered a male dominant field ND me being a female, I had more to prove to my fellow firefighters. " Colleen knew at a young age that she wanted to follow in her grandfather's footsteps and become a firefighter. When asked how her family feels about her chosen career she stated, "My family doesn't accept my chosen career path. They don't understand why their little girl would want to run into a burning building when others are running out. " I asked Colleen how she felt about this, "It's something that Eve come to accept with my family.

Thought-out life my parents never really supported me In any of my decisions that I've made, I just take it with a grain of salt and do what's best for me. " An example of how her parents don't support her decision in the fire service is recently she learned of Wild Fire Course in Languorous, Mass that after completing this course she would have attained her wild fire red card, which would enable her to be part of the Massachusetts Wild Fire crew which travels to California and many other western states during the summer to help fight the wild fires.

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When she asked her mother if she could attend this class her mother replied, "There is no way in hell I'm going to let my daughter travel to California and fight wild fires, I don't support you being on the fire department as is and you should be happy that you're on the local fire department, that should be go enough for you. " Colleen wants nothing more than to further her training and skills in the fire service and with her parents holding her back, she wonders If she will ever get the chance. Colleen Is currently active In academics and beginning her career.

Colleen Is currently a part-time student at Greenfield Community College majoring in Fire Science Technology with a minor in Emergency Medical Services. She is looking forward to finishing her associates degree and advancing her career as a Firefighter and an Emergency Medical Technician. In April of 2009, Colleen achieved her goal of becoming a certified Massachusetts Eve wanted since I can't remember when. Every time my pager goes off call, I still find it hard to believe that when I step out that door, I'm the difference between that errors who called 911 living or dying and to me that's a feeling that I don't think I'll never get use to. Going though the MET basic class Colleen sometimes found herself questioning her career path she had chosen. She would find herself second guessing herself and wondering why she went down this road. She wanted to at times drop the class, but she knew that it would only prove to others that they were right and that she didn't belong in the manly male dominate field of emergency medicine. She would have dropped the class if it wasn't for her current boyfriend a allow met/if, telling her don't listen to what others have to say, I know that you're going to make a great met/if and don't let anyone else tell you differently.

With the backing of her boyfriend, Colleen went on to achieving and becoming a Massachusetts MET-Basic. After completing her associates degree at ICC, Colleen hopes to actively pursue and find a full time Job as a firefighter/met. Eventually going on and continuing her Emergency Medical career and becoming a paramedic. After graduation Colleen would love to find a full time Job as a paramedic/ airfreight for a local fire department. At some point Colleen would like to attend the Massachusetts Fire Academy in Stow, Massachusetts.

After talking and interviewing Ryan Eve learned that she's not your typical kind of girl. Most guys I know wouldn't run into a burning building as others are running out. I have a lot of respect for her pursuing a career that is male dominate. With Ryan can do attitude I know that she'll one day reach her ultimate goal of becoming a paramedic. I wish him the best of luck wherever him career in emergency medicine and becoming a firefight

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