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The word "dating" and "relationship" differs a lot from old times and now. Technology made a huge difference of the comprehension of "hookups", "friends", and "friends with benefits". Internet, cell phones, blobs, and many other resources changed the way teenagers think about the opposite sex or the same sex as well. Relationships turned out to be "the old fashion" and hookups are the best. First, relationships aren't that serious anymore. Teens are looking for something new, meeting sexual, something to turn them on.

Backbone is one of the most used sites in these days; it connects you to the world and let you meet a new different type of people worldwide. "Backbone is the most useful tool for dating since the invention of the box of chocolates. It may also be the most dangerous threat to dating since bad breath" (Fox, Stuart). This generation mostly thinks about hooking up with hot guys, pretty girls, kissing, having sex, hugging, and flirting. Through internet, two people can do a lot, they can chat, video cam, talk privately; meet new people and a lot more.

Internet is not proper sometimes. A lot of websites and blobs are influencing teenagers to do bad stuff or to rush into things before its time. Backbone, Namespace, twitter, and many other social network websites aren't private anymore. Anyone knows about you, what you like and don't, your relationship status, and what you are looking for. "With social networking sites, with Backbone, if you click that you're in a relationship, it [notifies] everyone that you're in a relationship. Its public broadcasting, this isn't part of a good relationship" (Fox, Stuart).

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Dating isn't about love at first site, or waiting by her house. It is not about emotions anymore, it's only about what a girl or a guy wants. They want something new, something to talk about or feel proud. "Social networking has created an array of new dating rules, making the old style "wait three days before calling" seem quaint by comparison" (Fox, Stuart). As for me, I see that this kind of relationships and the affection of the internet use is a problematic situation. Teenagers Just want to do what other people are doing whether it is right or wrong.

They Just don't want to be losers, so they adapt and do what their peers do. They hookup, do random sex, flirt, and that's it. Nobody cares about each other feeling as long as you are getting what you want, everyone benefits from everyone. Finally, internet has played a big role not only in the teenager's world but in everyone's world. Time has changed; technology is getting better year after year. "Relationships" are now an old fashion way to go out with a guy/girl and in the end someone's heart is going to be broken.

Hooking up won't get anyone's heart tear apart, it is Just you do what you want to with no limits or rules as long as in the end they are Just called "friends". Work cited Fox, Stuart. "Backbone adds new perils to ritual of dating". Manic Cot 2. Web Cot 4. Definitions: Most of teenagers who engage in hookups still worry about being discreet. Discreet: having or showing discernment or good Judgment in conduct and especially in speech: prudent; especially: capable of preserving prudent silence. Tall and lanky Lanky: tall and lean, or long and slender: often used to suggest awkwardness in appearance or gait.

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