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Disadvantages and advantages of the Internet

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Modern technologies are confidently striding in their development and advancement into our life. Technology and civilization are obviously a subject of tremendous scope and one which might be treated in a hundred ways. Technological progress is closely related to a man who in many ways is dependent on technology - conceived as utilities, machines, techniques, and sources of power. It is largely through organizations that technology influences modern man and modifies his ways of working or thinking or living.

However, the relation between technology and a man is also tangible on an individual level, and the best example for such technology’s intrusion into man’s life is the Internet. Nowadays the Internet has become a new and convenient way to communicate with friends or very often find new ones, today it is a widespread way to conduct business, search for information or even a way to shop. It is an often case when the Internet is considered solely as a source of entertainment or source of wasting time, though initially it commenced as a research tool.

It is this academic aspect that is becoming increasingly popular among students today. The introduction of the Internet has both beneficial and detrimental effect on our life. Though almost infinite capabilities of the Internet are widely exploited, most often people tend to use it to get information. Thanks to the Web people are enabled to get an access to information that is often unavailable in print.

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Furthermore, use of the Internet is convenient way to retrieve necessary information in contrast to resources stored in a library, as far as the Internet is easy of access every day at any time. And last but not least, the Internet as a search tool is clearly an interactive medium; the search for information through the Internet is facilitated by interactivity of some sites what makes them especially advantageous as a resource. Another substantial benefit of the Internet is the unparalleled possibility to communicate.

The e-mail service became an essential communication means for business needs. It is also an excellent and fast way to keep in touch with friends no matter how far they can be at the moment. In comparison to other communication means like postal services, telephone or fax the advantages of e-mail are obvious not only in its fastness, but also in its cost efficiency and accessibility - e-mail service is usually free and available at all hours of the day and night. Despite its numerous advantages the Internet is not absolutely free of weak points.

Thus, alongside with useful and beneficial information the Internet sources, providing with the information about how to build bombs, sites that make pornography available to children are ubiquitous in the Web. In addition, too often the ease with which the information can be retrieved is not directly proportional to its quality and reliability. Many Internet users indicate as a flagrant problem the potential ability of dangerous strange fellows to make contact with children.

The Internet as a source of many useful services like online banking, hotel reservation, shopping, or managing business also poses certain danger to its user. The loss of privacy is a major problem with the Internet in this regard. There is an obvious threat to have an unauthorized person willing to gain access to your financial records or personal information over the Internet. However, public apprehension about potential danger on the Internet is not strong enough to deny the evidence of increasing number of people who go online.

Reasoning from this fact the conclusion can be derived that the advantages of using the Internet overweight its disadvantages. It is only necessary to approach these benefits with critical thinking. It is important to distinguish propaganda and commercially driven information from that which is fairly informative and useful. Finally, some regulations have to be made with regard to specific content considered as threatening. Thus, the Internet is of great value as a facility that makes people’s life easier though its application requires scrupulous approach.

Disadvantages and advantages of the Internet essay

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