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Aston Martin DB9 Company International marketing

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Time scale for entry, training and budgeting considerations A time scale for entry is suitable for the company to make prior arrangements of getting things started in china. The time scale for entry will depend on the commitment by the company and its intended objectives. It can be on a monthly basis or yearly basis. The sales rate, demand rate and financial expenditures for the first months of 2008. It is expected that these factors will behave in the following manner.


Extensive training will be done to ensure that all the directors and personnel will be conversant with the language, culture, religion, by-laws and other requirements outlined by the Chinese government. The locals will be trained on the following areas; specific features of Aston Martin DB9 and the company’s goals and objectives required meeting the company’s marketing level. A simple budget will also be needed to cover financial planning for; recruitment costs, infrastructure costs, licensing costs, initial set up costs etc. (Joel and Barry, 2007).

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Marketing Research

For all the strategies involved to succeed in this marketing plan of Aston Martin DB9 Company, an in-depth marketing research should be carried out not only before entering the Chinese market but it should be carried out frequently. It is only through carrying out marketing research that Aston Martin DB9 Company will get to know of the true position of its competitors in the car market. It also provides an opportunity to the company to position itself in terms of planning for the future on ways on how to survive and at the same time remain international in scope.

Marketing research presents an opportunity to Aston Martin DB9 Company on both the internal and external factors that the company is subjected to in its arrears of interest. Therefore with marketing research Aston Martin DB9 Company can get a chance to identify its strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threats that is facing in the car market and thus can fully prepare itself prior to such happenings. Also without marketing research, the company will not point out the political, social, legal and technological influences that might affect the running of its car business (Kottler, 1996).

Marketing research will also presents an opportunity to the management of Aston Martin DB9 Company on whether to maintain or do away with other branches that may not be performing well to the expected results. It is also through marketing research that firms can be able to meet the changing needs and the requirements of its customers in the market place. For example customers may complain of low class or high prices thus giving the company an option to seek other alternatives of satisfying them in future.

Also Aston Martin DB9 Company should carry out market research in order to identify the market segments which are considered suitable for the company to invest in without being subjected to losses. For example, the management will be able to save a lot of time and funds that could have otherwise been spent on markets which may have not been successful thus affecting the productivity of the company and hence in the long-term profitability levels of the company will be affected negatively.


Aston Martin DB9 Company should note that any marketing tactic should be in line with business strategies formulated by the company.

Research indicates that business strategies take in to account the essence of the business existence i. e. what to accomplish, how to conduct business undertakings, what products to produce, location of the business and the target audience. Marketing further entails; selling of business i. e. linking the business with its potential consumers. Therefore we can conclude that Aston Martin DB9 Company business strategy should have a closer link with its marketing strategy since at one point both blueprints focus on how to improve performance of a business based on some tactics i. e. strategies(Joel and Barry, 2007).


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Aston Martin DB9 Company International marketing essay

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