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Interlocking Spurs

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An Interlocking Spur Is a physical feature which consists of: a valley In the form of t he letter V, a river bank (the part of a river where the land begins and where the land slowly g higher and higher until reaching water level), a source (the first place in a river where water begins to flow), a channel(the outline of a shallow narrow body of water) and spurs. 3. The formation of an Interlocking Spur takes a very long time due to the many stage It must undergo to finally become an Interlocking Spur.

It begins as flowing water which grad ally begins to erode the ground as it moves. At the same time rain causes the sides of the valley to begin eroding in a downwards fashion. In an attempt to find a path consisting of more resistant rocks. It begins to form small hills on the sides of the valley. As the sides of t he valley continue to erode, earth and rocks fall into the stream. They then become deep sited outside of the bends.

This vertical erosion causes the formation of the narrow spurs, because the water is moving faster causing the interlocking spurs to be formed. Over time the spurs become more and more refined, so much so that it almost looks like a long zipper. 5. Examples of Interlocking Spurs: Interlocking spurs at Ashes Hollow, tributary to the River Severe Interlocking spurs looking up Kendall Beck, tributary to the River Breathy in Lake Did strict, Cambric,

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Interlocking Spurs essay

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