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A silent killer

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A silent killer is a disease which is hard to detect and causes injuries over time silently. Similarly a calcaneal spur also called as heel spur is a small ostephyte or bone spur located on the calcareous heel bone which is a silent killer. Many a time this Calcaneal spurs are detected by a radiological examination or X-ray but often it's too late. When a foot bone is exposed to constant stress, calcium gets deposited and is build up on the bottom of the heel bone. Generally, this doesn't affect a person's daily life routine.

However, repeated damage can cause these deposits to pile up on ach other which then causes a spur-shaped deformity, called a calcaneal or heel spur. Flatfooted people,obeses people and women who frequently wear high-heeled shoes are most susceptible to heel spurs. Causes : There can be many causes but we will see few of them. Heel spurs can form as a result of repeated strain placed on foot muscles . Due to which ligaments are formed abnormally stretching the band of tissue connecting the heel and the foot.

Repeated injury to the membrane lines of the heel bone can also cause problems and can cause repeated pressure behind the heel. The causes can be anything it can be xcessive walking , running or Jumping to wearing shoes which are not comfortable or torn shoes. volleyball players and tennis players, and athletics people who do aerobics or who climbs staircase for exercise, also those with flat feet, women's who are pregnant, the obese and diabetics and those who wear tight-fitting shoes with a high heel are all prone to developing spurs more readily.

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Symptoms: Let us see the symptoms of heel spur and try to figure out some measures. Major symptoms consist of pain in the region which is around the spur, which typically increases and goes on becoming intense after prolonged periods of rest. Patients reports heel pain to be more severe when waking or doing morning walk. Patients are not able to bear the weight on the affected heel comfortably. Short distance walking, running or lifting heavy weight may make the issue even worse.

A heel spur is a pointed bony outgrowth of the bone of the heel . They are attributed to chronic local inflammation at the insertion of soft tissue tendons in the area. Heel spurs is located at the back of the heel or under the heel of the foot. Heel spurs behind of the heel are frequently associated with inflammation of the tendon and many a times causes ever pain in the foot. Treatment: There are many treatment options, and good results are often observed. A calcaneal spur develops when proper care is not given of the foot and heels.

It is often caused because of a repetitive stress injury, and thus few modification in our lifestyle can be a typical and basic course of management. To decrease the effect of heel spur pain, a person should begin doing foot workouts. Do exercise to make your muscles of calf stronger and lower legs will help take the stress off the bone and thus help cure or prevent heel spurs. Applying Ice to the area is an effective way to get f sever pain persist then Steroid injection can be given. The bone spur can be removed by surgery.

Which is 80% effective. Wearing proper footwear is also very important. Include turmeric, ginger in your daily diet. Also regular exercise can act as a preventive measure. Conclusion: thought it's difficult to detect but it can be prevented and we can lead a happy life by reducing the impact of heel spur. We can take care by doing simple things. Choose comfortable shoes Applying acupressure techniques to specific, locations along the heel can help to reduce pain and promote healing. Thus effective care and treatment can cure heel spur.

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