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Information Technology Strategy

INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY STRATEGY Introduction In today’s business environment, organizations are adopting the latest technologies in order to make the organization’s processes more organized and fruitful.There are several various technological tools that have been initiated through the information technology system, which has become very effective for organizations in order to compete in a proper manner.The Human Resource Information Management is one of the major tools from information technology, which is contributing effectively to the human resource functions of an organization.

The human resource information management was, in the past, the human resource management system, which now has involved the information technology.

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There are many other information technology tools available for the organizations which has reduced the workload and increased the output of the organizations. B & J Medical Consulting shall determine the use of information technology in the business organization environment. In addition to this, B & J Medical will provide some brief information of the Cloud Technology concept and how it can contribute to the organizational processes and operations.

Utilizing Technology for Businesses The growth in the field of the Internet, the globalization of trade, and the rise of information economies have changed the role of information technology in today’s business and management environment. Information technology can be defined as “the hardware, software, telecommunication database management and other technologies used to store, process and distribute information. ” Through this the business organizations make their operations and processes easier and effective to have maximum growth and success.

Information technology has bought many software and tools which reduce the workload of employees and increase their contribution for the organizations. The information technology includes various programs and tools such as information systems, network, and internet technology to name a few, which contributes effectively in today’s business organization environment. Organizations in today’s society are involving information technology in order to conduct their maximum work electronically and effortlessly. Information systems are designed to assist managers and orkers in their functions of sales, marketing, manufacturing, production, finance, accounting, and human resources, at all the major working levels of the organization. Through information technology, the managers and workers become more efficient and effective for organization (Laudon, 2004). The sales and marketing information systems helps an organization to identify the potential customers for its products or services and contribute effectively in the development of products and services offered to meet customer’s needs.

In addition to this, the sales and marketing system can promote the products and services, sell the products and services, and provide ongoing customer support after the purchase. The manufacturing and production systems majorly deal with the planning, development, and production of products and services and helps in management of the flow of production. The finance and accounting systems can keep track of the organization’s financial assets and fund flows.

The human resources systems maintain employees records; track employees skills, job performance, and training; and support planning for employee compensation and career development. Through the aforementioned response it is clear that there is information system involvement in every part of the organization which is a very important aspect for the organizations and their functions (Burgess, 2002). Today business organizations are using various information technology tools to promote their product and services in various networks.

Through e-mails and social media, organizations can reach a maximum number of customers. The social media and e-mails has become one of the very effective tools for promoting a product or service in specific market segments or customer segments. Today business organizations can organize various research programs with the help of technology in order to understand the market and customer needs, which ensure that they make the proper marketing strategies. Cloud Technology Concept

The Cloud technology gives organizations the option of delivery of computing; a metered service rather than a product which keeps track of shared resources, software and information provided to computers and other devices over a network or service provide on the internet. The cloud technology provides computation, data access, software, and storage resources without demanding the cloud users to know the location or other major details of the Cloud computing infrastructure. Through this the cloud users can have required information and data in a less span of time and increase productivity.

The end users of internet access the cloud services through cloud based applications through a web browser or a mobile application. An organization’s business software and data are stored on servers at a remote location. The cloud technology application provides better performance and services to the users even though the software programs were installed locally on the business computers. The internal and external networks would work properly for the business organizations in order to provide better services to their consumers.

The cloud technology would contribute effectively in solving various organizational issues in an effective and appropriate manner (Turban, 2007). The concept of cloud technology was initially adopted through Amazon. com, where the organization stored their various programs with the help of technology in order to serve its customers in a better and effective way. Today there are a lot of organizations which is implementing the cloud computing technology for their customers, which has increased the quality and performance of their services.

Through this the business organizations attract maximum potential customers, which directly contributes to the growth and success of the organization. The Internet provides the primary technology infrastructure for electronic commerce, and electronic businesses. The Internet and other networks have made it possible for businesses to replace manual and paper based processes with the electronic flows of information. Electronic commerce is the process of buying and selling goods electronically with computerized business transaction using the Internet or other digital network technology.

B & J Medical Consulting would benefit with the use of Cloud technology for the present needs of the company and the possibilities of expansion in the future. Information Technology Planning Information technology is a kind of discipline in the information technology domain and is majorly concerned with the planning process for information technology investments and decision making processes. This process of management planning is quicker, flexible, and more aligned for information technology in an organization.

Information technology planning has become a major concept which includes a strategic planning domain. The information technology planning adjusts plans to meet the major business needs of an organization. Without the information technology planning phase, information technology does not understand how it can contribute to the business strategies (Tsai, 2003). Today the security systems in information technology have developed at a fast rate in order to provide adequate security and safety to the business organizations implementing the information technology programs and tools.

The major information technology tools can help companies to provide proper privacy to their confidential data and insure the security and privacy of major data resources and information stored on the web. The control process in information technology has become very effective for a business organization to have proper hold on their confidential information. Today’s companies require proper information technology concerns to be addressed in order to prevent any affecting issues such as security breaches or crashes in the system.

Conclusion Information technology has changed the way people and businesses operate in today’s workforce. All types of business, both large and small, are using information systems, networks and Internet technology to make their business processes happen electronically while striving to achieve new levels of competitiveness, efficiency, and profitability. Through the information technology processes, the workplace has become more productive and errorless.

This role of information technology in today’s business world and organizations will be a great asset to B & J Medical Consulting to compete in today’s economy and business environment. References: Burgess S. (2002). Managing information technology in businesses: challenges and solutions. Idea Group Inc. Retrieved May 3, 2012 from website http://www. amazon. com/Managing-Information-Technology-Small-Business/dp/1930708351 Laudon, J. (2004). Management Information Systems, (8th Edition). New Jersey: Pearson Prentice Hall. Tsai H. (2003).

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