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Inequality and Education

Inequality and Education Brenda A Mota Adams City High School Inequality and Education has been such a big problem for many Americans around the United States. Many have written about and talked about the situation, but nobody has come up with a solution for it. There has been a shrinking of inequality between racial groups from 1970-1988, but since then the gap has grown again.

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Too many of American’s disadvantaged children grow up without the skills needed to thrive in the twenty-first century. Educational inequality is due to social and family background.

Inequality and Education has become one of the most important political and social issues in the United States. During the last three decades the gap between the educational attainments of children raised in rich and poor families has widened dramatically. Also according to the most recent census report, about one-quarter of children under the age of 6 live in poverty. With Inequality and Education, many problems follow it. The situation is a puzzle” no one has the slightest idea what will work”. (Sabrina Taverns, 2012, paragraph 21).

Their seems to be no solution to help fix this. It we may take a while to fix this problem but if we all come together we can probably all come up with a great solution that can work. According to Laura D’ Andrea Tyson, “’A mind is a terrible thing to waste”’. (2012, paragraph 21). So we should all be able to appreciate and be given an opportunity. Now there’s not that many solution to this problem. According to Sabrina Taverns,”’ the pattern of privileged families today in intensive cultivation”’. 2012, paragraph 12). One solution could be to get more poor and middle class people into education. Education can be a solution to inequality. More education would also benefit those in more in need. Professor Reardon says that “with income declines more severe in the lower brackets there’s a good chance the recession may widened the gap”. (Sabrina Taverns, 2012, paragraph 7). The American value is that each individual should have the opportunity to realize his or her potential.

So if we gave more children the opportunity to get some education it would benefit us all because this inequality in education problem would get a solution. All in all, Income inequality and education may take a while to fix but by getting more children their education and finding their potential that can help a little. Everyone has potential to become someone in life and get education it doesn’t matter what race or age you are. It shouldn’t even matter your family income.