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What is Human Resource Management?

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Human Resource Management is defined as a management function that deals with the recruitment, management, and development of employees In order to maximize their potential and roles In the company or organization. Not only Is It utilized in personnel management but also in manpower, organizational, and industrial management. It is previously referred to as personnel management. Its functions include: Job analysis and planning, determining the specific personnel needs of a certain Job. Personnel and workforce planning, choosing whether to hire contractors or Independent employees.

Recruitment and selection. Hiring the best candidate for the job. Induction and orientation, making sure that the employees are aware of the organization's goals and policies. Wage and salary regulation, making sure that employees are properly compensated. Training, development, and performance appraisal in order to enhance employees' potential and utilize his expertise in the achievement of the organization's goals. Benefits administration, to make sure that employees get what are due to them. Resolving labor disputes, making sure of good relations between the management and employees.

International Human Resource Management (IHRAM), on the other hand, is defined as a management function which deals with the management of personnel who are stationed In other countries or who are citizens of other countries that are hired to work In the organization. Like HARM, Its functions also Include recruitment, planning, training, performance appraisal, and compensation. Unlike it, however, IHRAM functions involve cross-cultural training such as orienting employees with different cultural, ethical, and religious values. It also involves global skills management. While

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HARM is affected only by internal factors, IHRAM is affected by both internal and external factors because It Involves the management of employees that come from several countries. SIMILARITIES HARM plays a key role in any organization. It is the core of corporate strategy as HARM could help company improve their performance, form sustainable competitive advantages, and have a guiding role in the enterprise management. To quote from Dowling, et al. (2008: up), 'General HARM refers to those activities undertaken by an organization to effectively utilize Its human resources'. This concludes the first molarities between the two.

As basic functions such as procurement, allocation, utilization and motivation are the same whether they are specific in one country or several countries. Both domestic and international HARM have same major functions and activities in HRS planning, recruitment, performance management, training and development, compensation, and industrial relations. Another similarity is related to constraints include political, economical, legal, and cultural have significant impact on how the HRS functions are carried both in domestic as well as global environment Sweatshops and Dash, 2008).

Finally, both of them have similar basic human resource management objectives. Firstly of all, is to ensure organization having maximum satisfaction in the human resource demands. Another objective is to ensure effectiveness in the organization through interventions. And then is to promote sustainable development of firms by maximizing the development of internal and external human resource management. The final similar objective is to maintain and encourage human resources within the company to upgrade the potential human capital.

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