How We Define Ourselves as Humans

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This paper discusses what it means to be human, and the importance of the human’s responsibilities in life. It is important to fulfill the responsibilities as humans, and to explore all of the options and possibilities that the human’s short life has to hold. Plato saw man's true nature as rational and believed that civilized society must be organized, and civilized life conducted according to rational principles. Plato and Russell stated that to be human is to wonder and explore the intellectual possibilities of life.

I believe that this is the correct philosophy on life, and the human race should wish to explore all of their intellectual possibilities and responsibilities. Plato once said, “Human behavior flows from three main sources: desire, emotion, and knowledge. ” It is essential to understand why humans are here on earth, and what their responsibilities are. Humans desire to be healthy, happy and to have freedom. Russell said "happiness of mankind should be the aim of all actions". Humans use their emotions to express ones desire and to show others what they want and who they are.

Humans use knowledge to live out their life goals and fulfill their responsibilities. I believe that Plato and Russell were correct in their statement, because to be human should be to explore all the possibilities that there are in the world. What would the world be if we did not try to understand life, and to make the most of oneself? Since the beginning of civilization, man has always been provoked and motivated by the need to make progress and development. This necessity has led to great advancement in technology and how the human race lives day to day.

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If humans did not have this motivation, they might all be cavemen living outdoors hunting for food and water. What would the earth be like if Thomas Edison was no motivated to create the light bulb? What would the world be like if people did not have the motivation to develop our basic necessities of everyday life? The “what if” questions could be endless in this topic, but the main explanation here is that humans have the need and responsibility to develop. Humans were made to wonder and explore life.

The possible objections to Plato and Russell’s theory would be that humans are to live life under restrictions and follow what we are told to do. Some may say that the consequences of human actions may deplete our resources and kill off the human race. My rebuttal for this, is what if humans did not try? If someone did not try to make the world the best and strive for the best, humans might not have survived as long as they have. It is possible that without the technology that they have explored and created, the human race would not have made it this far and become extinct.

For the people who strictly believe that the other philosopher’s statements that the instructor has allowed us to view are the only form of truth, are forcing humans to limitations. They say that humans must follow moderation and live to duty, which forms some truth, but not all. Humans have never or will never force themselves to limitations, because if they did people would have never created the vast life forms that they have. Humanity would possibly be without power, without running water, and without other every day necessities if they would have restricted themselves to moderation.

This is common in third world countries that have not organized and developed themselves as far as the United States and other first world countries. People of the world have obviously agreed to this philosophy with or without knowing, because look at how the lives that they have developed as humans. Humans live day to day full of technology and necessities because the people of their ancestry have explored all of their intellectual possibilities and are striving to do more.

In conclusion to Plato and Russell’s philosophy I would like to add that I feel that being a human means to live life to its fullest, be happy, healthy and find unconditional love. To find all of these qualities, the human race has to have wisdom and knowledge. It takes time to fulfill life’s goals and responsibilities, but as Plato once said, “Never discourage anyone who continually makes progress, no matter how slow. ” I feel that over time the definition being humans will change, yet the one part that will stay the same is that humans will always strive for excellence to find happy, healthy lives.

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