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Have you ever had to write a report and just not know how to do it, well don't fret help is on the way. This process can be stressful and grueling. Writing essays and book reports do not have to be rigorous it can be effortless if you follow these guidelines. First, you need to start off by reading the book you have been assigned. You need to actually read the book do not skim over it. This process can be long but it will pay off in the end; take it from someone who knows.

When you're done reading the book you'll need to write down the title of the novel you have just read. Then list some of the details about the book like the author, number of pages in the book , any awards the book has been given like New York Times Bestseller. Why you have chosen this book, did you like it, was it just assigned to you or are doing this in your free time. Like me i’m having to do this in my free time.

You need to write a paragraph about the author. Why do you think they wrote the book; why did they actually write it. When did this author start writing this book? What gave the author this idea? Who did the author write this book for? It should tell you on one of the front pages. This step is optional but a lot of college goers do this step. So here's my theory if you do this step in high school English it will get you ready for college English; huge bonus.

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Next, you will need to tell the reader about the setting. Where did the book take place? Have you ever been to that place? Is it real or is it fake? Is there anything special about that place; certain landmarks? Elaborate on your answers to these questions. You know what setting is, just go with the flow on this one list what you can sometimes setting change really quickly in books try to do the best you can.

When you get done with that you will need to list the characters. Who was the story about? How many main characters were there if there was one why do think they were the main one? If you could be one dramatist who would it be; elaborate.What is special about them in the book? Then list the individuals and what they look like. How do they dress; from what era? Do certain characters have a fatal flaw; what is it? Like for example maximum ride her fatal flaw is her loyalty to the flock.Even when the world needs her she will tend to her flock first. For example of this ”I had no idea why Max stayed with these losers. She would do so much better on her own.Everyone of them is a ball and chain, holding her down.She should have dumped them a long time ago”.-pg 356 from Maximum ride School's Out- Forever.

Next, you need to tell the story, not every single attribute to the story though.We do not need to know what happened every minute in that book! Were the characters facing a challenge? If so what kind of challenge a mental one like in maximum ride; the voice in Max's head or a physical one like in Maze Runner. Were they on some type of adventure? When telling the story to insert some quotes from the book. That stuck out to you or were a big part of the book. This can really help people know you actually did your assessment. Do not spoil the book for your reader he or she hopefully will want to read it when you get done with the essay.

Final thing, what was your opinion on this novel? Was it to dull, to unrealistic, hard to get into? Why was it that or why wasn't that; use examples? What are some parts that made you sad, happy or maybe even mad; why did it make you feel that way do you have a connection to the book? Did you get attached to any of the characters; were they like you in some way or some one that you care about? Would you tell your friends to read this novel? Why would you or why wouldn't you? You will need to have examples from your book to support all your opinions and thoughts about your book. To make sure there is some logic in opinion.

Text size needs to be twelve points or fourteen point. Double line spacing or one and a half spacing is best. A professional looking font no bright color text blue or black that’s it; unless drawing attention to something.You do not want to be flashy. You can highlight, which is more preferable than changing font color. Don't forget to put your MLA heading at the top of your paper if this is for a school project. Do not forget to bold and underline your main title. You should also make it a bigger font size like twenty-four and change the color of the text so it stands out from the rest of your paper. It needs to catch your audience members eyes so that know what part there about to read.

Subheadings font size should be sixteen or eighteen also should have a different color font, bolded but do not underline it like the main title. It is not nearly as significant. Must be three hundred to eight hundred words can be more but try not to have more. Pictures do not count as words especially not a thousand sorry boutcha. You can put pictures for examples and have a description with them to explain to your audience what they're looking at. It helps to look like you filled up space if your teacher is counting pages not words.

You can learn to write a great essay with these seven easy tips. This is the simplest form I could find and a lot of people recommend it. We use this at school but instead of doing an outline we do a brainstorm. I personally like the outline better I think it is easier to use and looks neater. First, you need to decide on your topic. What will you be writing about? Second, you will need to prepare an outline for your ideas on that topic. An outline is like a guide to your essay you need to follow it.

Third, write a thesis statement to get the ball rolling. Some up what your essay will be about in one sentence. This step can be hard if you can't think of a thesis sit down and think about your topic. What you want to say about it? That tends to help me when I can not think of one. Fourth, next write the body: the main points. What will be telling us about your topic? These points should be covered in your thesis. If not go back and rewrite your thesis so it will flow easily into your paper. Fifth and Sixth, when that gets done write the introduction and conclusion paragraphs. Your opening paragraph with your thesis should be three to four sentences. Your conclusion paragraph should a reworded version of your thesis and your final thoughts on your topic. Introductions can be difficult to come up with if you can't think of anything else start with a question. Do not use a question I can answer yes or no to though.Try starting your question with imagine that tends to keep you away from yes or no questions.

Seventh, after that, add the last details. Like spell check, grammar check, and format check. Make sure everything looks exactly how you want it before you turn it in. The conclusion is very important do not forget your conclusion it closes your paper along with your final thoughts. Your conclusion must always tie back to your thesis. Basically, your conclusion is just a reworded version of your thesis. Do not just use your thesis as your conclusion, that doesn't work; trust me. The introduction is also crucial it grabs your audience's attention. Your introduction paragraph sets up what your paper will be about and how you're going to organize it. Organization is the key here along with fluency. Everything needs to flow together and make sense.

It is easier if you know the first sentence of every paragraph you're going to be writing. Know exactly how many paragraphs you want to write and roughly how many sentences you want in each paragraph. That will make sure you stay on track in your essay and or report. Writing down some notes while reading can really help. Or you can even sticky note a quote you want to use. If you want to use a quote then you will need to put the page number or the book title you got the quote from. I hope this essay helped you learn how to write essays and book reports in a less painful way. I have taught you how to format, write and gave some helpful tips for you to learn how to compose an essay. Next time you write an essay your teacher will be blown away by how you will have stayed on topic and kept your audience's attention.

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