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How the gun industry is regulated

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Non- Restricted- the firearm must be unloaded. Restricted- the person transporting the firearm must have an authorization to transport the firearm; it must be unloaded and locked with a locking device and store in an opaque gun case that is not easily broken. Prohibited- the requirements are the same has the restricted but if the arm is an Automatic Firearm the bolt (an attachment) or the bolt carrier must be transported separately. Who are the winners and loser from the regulation? Firearm control law has been in Canada since 1892.

At that point in time an individual could be Jailed for up to six month for possession of a hand gun (not license firearm) if found carrying the arm without reasonable cause to fear assault to life or property. Has years goes by laws and regulation pertaining to the possession of a firearm has changed, laws became more specific, stricter and are more enforced by the RACK. With this being done it is harder for entrepreneurs (small business owners), individual (Gun Enthusiasts) and manufactures to have open access to fire arms. These groups can both be loser and winner of the regulations.

Before any of the groups listed above is able to possess firearm harm there are step that they must go through. Individual: For and individual to become a license firearm holder there are steps that must be taken, which can be lengthy and confusing. All these steps can be tedious and expensive and cause an individual to think twice and hard before going through all these processes. Entrepreneurs and manufactures: the steps taken by an individual to license and register all firearms is also required to obtain a Firearm Business License.

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These sciences vary depending on the size of the business (fees listed above) before a restricted or a prohibited firearm is sold or transferred to another party the arm how the gun industry is regulated By sexy selling the firearm) must be an adult (18) with a firearm business license. The government collects more taxes and those taxes are pumped back into to the economic where the society benefits. So in the end all three groups can be winners and loser depending on what angle you view the situation from, while the government and society are Just winners.

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