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How My Personal Values Contribute to Problem-Solving

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In 2019 I was the head of Public Relations the committee in a project called Moic'19 "Model organization of Islamic Co-operation ". This project aims to increase the youth's self-awareness, improve their skills and encourage them to get involved in the community.

In fact, It was my first time be head in a project, I used to participate as a member of a committee, but one of my values is personal development so I decided to get a new position and be responsible enough to make this project a success. I chose my small team. Then, I gave them training for one month about how to write a proposal, make deals and we started putting together our goals and timelines. During the project, we faced a threat to stop the Model concerning the lack of sponsors to support our project, and a lack of money.

However, my value of resilience pushed me to keep forward, so I thought of doing a SWOT analysis about the Model, to be aware of the strengths and weaknesses. I found that there is a scale of college students and a strong media committee. On the other side, the weaknesses were the financial situations were very low. After having a brainstorming, we came up with an idea; which was to make notebooks and purchase them. One of my values is taking risks, so my team and I started to put our strategy to make this idea come true. The first thing we did was vote on our Facebook group to ask other committees and the participants if they agree with our idea. Finally, everyone agreed, so I asked the media committee to work on the designs and we searched for a founder, three Founders had refused, but finally, we found the one who accepted to cover my notebooks project financially.

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The second thing was looking for a printing press with a reasonable price with good quality. Finally, after printing 200 notebooks, we took 100 of them in our backpacks and went to popular co-working spaces, students' centers to sell them. The other notebooks were on the corner of the model. Those notebooks made an unexpected success, the co-working places' owners and the centers called me to ask for more notes, even the participants asked for more. The idea was more successful than I thought and it helped my project to cover all payments perfectly. Moreover, it was still purchased even after all projects were over.

In the end, to be able to handle this problem, and empowered my team was so hard, but I survived and I made a huge success that I didn't expect. Through this experience, I was not only thinking about how to solve the financial situation but I was also thinking of making this project complete because it matched with my personal values. I believe in the power of youth and how extracurricular activities gave them a sense of self-awareness. For example, this project gave me a chance to increase my self-awareness and know which field I am talented in. Thus, that makes me want to serve the youth to get the same chance.

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