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Process of Problem Solving and Decision Making

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Teamwork is important to organizations in this entire world nowadays to be successful and to have control in the market. Teamwork is basically defined as problem solving group of people who have a variety of skills and strengths to obtain the most perfect solution. Teamwork is one of the main goals for organizations to make sure that they are on the right track in obtaining their visions. There are many ways that organizations put their contributions in increasing the power of teamwork such as team building where it helps the employees to work in groups rather than individuals.

Teamwork will help the organizations in the process of problem solving and decision making where it consists of several process that is cause analysis, creative problem solving, decision making and anticipate and plan. Firstly, find and analyse the cause to configure which errors or problems to be corrected or to be improvised. Teamwork is important in this process where it is more effective where it will save the cost and time in finding the cause to the problem. Each members of the team can concentrate in sectors where there they could possibly find the problem that they are searching.

There are methods that practiced in some organizations such as the Root Cause Analysis (RCA) where it believes that the optimum solution only can be found if they discovered the root cause. By having the solution with RCA, it can also be used for identifying the immediately obvious symptoms for the future errors. After the cause of the problems have been discovered, the team can proceed to the next step that is creative problem solving. Creative problem solving is founded by Alex Osborn and Dr. Sidney J. Parnes in the 1950s where they made the process of finding and generating creative solutions to produce great ideas in solving problems.

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Despite that, to generate more ideas in solving the problems, teamwork is needed because generating many ideas must come from more brains and minds. Brainstorming can be practiced in this process where each of the group members in the team who have personal skills and abilities can give their own ideas and thus more ideas can be generated in solving the problem. These may help in having more alternatives to obtain an optimal solution regarding the problem faced. After the team has acquired a number of solutions, the decision making process will start where the team will now select the best alternatives in solving the problem.

Decision making can be defined as an outcome of mental process which will lead to selecting the best solution among other alternatives. In order to obtain the optimal solution, the objectives must be reviewed first and the alternative chosen must be evaluated by those objectives. Moreover, a good decision making is essential for the success of the organization where they usually involve in some issues where it makes decision making difficult such as uncertainty, complexity, high risk consequences and also interpersonal issues.

The last step in the process of problem solving and decision making is anticipating and plan to assure success. This is important after the alternative has been chosen because the team must further plan to make sure that the alternative goes well while facing the problem. It is a waste of time in the process of decision making when they do not plan on how to use the alternative effectively. After making plans for the alternative, the team can now anticipate the future effects of the alternative to make sure whether it is successful or not.

If it does not work out, the team must fall back to the decision making process where they will choose another best alternative to be used. Last but not least, teamwork is a very useful in the process of problem solving and decision making because it helps much in saving the organization’s time and money as there will be more people can use their own point of view based on their abilities and skills in order to find the root of the problem, generating ideas in finding solutions, making decisions on the ideas and anticipate and plan the chosen ideas.

Organizations should implement the mutuality among the members because it is very useful to assure their success and to work effectively although it is essential that team members acquire communication skills and use effective communication channels between one another to help in improving their interaction between one and another.

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