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Hostel Management

Hostel Management Abstract For the past few years the number of educational institutions is increasing rapidly. Thereby the number of hostels is also increasing for the accommodation of the students studying in this institution. And hence there is a lot of strain on the person who are running the hostel and software’s are not usually used in this context.

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This particular project deals with the problems on managing a hostel and avoids the problems which occur when carried manually . Hence to reduce the load on the person handling this.

It includes some of the following features. RULES AND REGULATIONS: In this the rules and regulations of the hostels are given in details. HOSTEL FACILITES: In this the details of facilities provided in the hostels are given in details. ACCOMODITY: This deals with the total no. of rooms available with the details of total no. of students accommodating in a room. Here the details of equipment provided are also listed. WARDENS AND TEACHING STAFF DETAILS: It deals with the details of the wardens.

Here the details of the teaching staff are also mentioned with details of their mess calculations ,etc. STAFF DETAILS: The staff working in the hostel and their salary calculation,leave,etc can be attained from this section. The existing system of hostel management is done manually which is an ineffective manner. This way of managing the hostels has many limitations. The chances of occurring errors are more. So the records must be accurate, informative and dynamically updated. • TIME CONSUMING • HUMAN ERROR SLOW PROCESS • BACKUP • POOR QUALITY • DATA INCONSISTENCY This is a software created for the purpose of managing all the works of a hostel in a most efficient manner. The project includes all the basic events carried out in a hostel like mess bill calculation, daily voucher etc. The software keeps a close track on the number of inmates, teaching staff, non -teaching staff. Room details and student registration are also included. The project is a complete software package for hostel management.