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History Part B

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Controlled assessment part b i. Representation 1 is from the The English Police Force; A Political and Social History written by Clive Emsley, published in 1991. It suggests that the police were ineffective at stopping/preventing major crimes such as robbery. However, they were effective at stopping minor crimes in the local community. Representation 2 is A Plaint by a P’liceman, a poem published in Punch magazine in the late nineteenth century.

It also suggests that the police were ineffective at stopping/preventing major crimes and that limited the effectiveness of the Police. However, the representation also suggests that the police were effective at stopping/preventing minor crimes but that was seen as ‘stop[ing] little boys from playing ball’. Representations 1 and 2 have a number of similarities. First of all Rep 1 and 2 portray the negative attitude towards the Police. This is shown by ‘belief among many of the working class that there was a law for the rich and another, harsher law, for the poor.

In some areas, they allowed fights and other law breaking activities, which they would’ve acted against elsewhere’. From representation 2, i can spot that it agrees with representation 1 as it says ‘’The street’s re quite unsafe’ they say, You’re robbed and mobbed in broad noonday But little boys they mustn’t play’’. Representation 1 also gives the impression that the Police were capable of preventing petty crimes but they differ in tone. This is shown by ‘what the police were especially good at, was apprehending those who committed petty street offences . Representation 2 is similar and i know this from ‘Stop little boys from playing ball, or move away an apple stall’. Finally, Representation 1 suggests that the police themselves were not to blame for their ineffectiveness. I know this from ‘The police never had sufficient manpower to suppress disorder entirely’. Representation 2 is similar as it suggests ‘ Well, if from growls you can refrain, it ain’t of us you should complain You’ve got thank SIR RICHARD MAYNE’. Representation 1 and 2 have a number of differences.

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First of all Rep 1 gives a negative view towards the police but it differs in attitude compared to Representation 2. This shown by the fact that Representation 1 gives negative view towards the police but it gives some positives of the Police, therefore giving balanced argument. However, Representation 2 gives a generally one sided view of the police, which is negative. The representation doesn’t seem to take into account the other side of Policing, creating a one-sided and biased view. Both representations differ in tone.

I know this as Representation 1 gives an academic style, due to the language used. You must also take into account that it’s from a textbook. Meaning that it will have to be fair when creating a judgement of the Police. Representation 1 tends to use words such as ‘however’ and ‘although’. Representation 2 is wholly one sided being exaggerated. Emotional language is used, in order to build a negative view image of the police. I know this from the exaggeration and comparison of petty street offenders to boys ‘They bids me chivvy little boys’

In conclusion the two representations are mostly different as the first representation gives a balanced view making a conclusion at the end after evaluating all points. Whereas, the 2nd Representation gives a negative focus and tone towards the Police without even considering the usefulness of the police. The main reason for this is Representation 1 concludes that ‘Although they[working class] may not have liked the Police, they realised that the police force were there to protect and serve the community’.

By concluding in this manner, it shows that there is an understanding as to why the police are judged in a certain way but gave a reason as to why the Police were existent and that was to put order in society. Whereas, Representation 2 portrays the Police as useless when considering all the crimes that the Police should prevent. Representation 2 consider’s the Police as people who only put a plaster on the wound rather than healing the wound, in a sense. The downside for Representation 2 is that it is completely one sided which allows a lot of criticism to be made.

The most important areas of difference is the tone and focus. I say this because, there is a clear difference because of the tone and focus. Representation 1 is a formal and factual piece focusing on all aspects of policing, thus, allowing the reader to understand the Police properly and leave the reader to make his own judgement. However, when it comes to Representation 2, the piece is informal and focuses only on the negative aspects of the Police. The piece doesn’t allow the reader to make his own judgement fairly.

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