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Today more people are going back to college in order to obtain a degree of some type. More people are looking for careers and are tired of settling for jobs that they do not like just to get a paycheck. Employers are looking for employee with college degrees in order to present their customer with more qulitified people. A college degree is more importance now than it has ever been.

More jobs are being sent overseas today making it harder to find a job, so in order to find a job that will give a person the financial stability they need more adult are returning to college to get their degree.

Education The importance of a good education, a good education is the most important thing a person could obtain for themselves. Education is important to us in many aspects of life especially when it comes to your need for personal and social advancement.

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Education is important because it will open so many different opportunities in a person’s life. In the world today having a good education, means that so many new things are out there waiting. A good education will help a person to grow the more knowledge they have the better understanding they will have. A college education will give a since of satisfaction and will help build confidence. A good education can lead to a gain financial stability. A collage degree is important in order to obtain a good education. Obtaining an education today has become more important than it’s been in times before.

In today’s society education is important because it brings with it economically independent and some socially status. The benefits of a good education are limitless and can take you where you never been before. Simply because of the fact that so many businesses big and small are closing their doors more people are finding that they need to upgrade their education and are returning to college to do so.

Many companies are out-sourcing their work overseas making it harder for people to find jobs increasing the need for people who once took job just to be able to feed their family, now are founding out that they have to good back to college in order to obtain a higher paying job in order to support their families. According to the article titled The Importance of Education May Be Different than You Were Taught, “The supposed purpose of education, as marketed by the education industry, is career advancement, higher pay and empowering a college graduate’s job search.

Continuing your education at a college or university will increase your chances of getting a good paying job depending on your degree. ” (2012). This also is true we it comes to what college people decide to attend some colleges name come with status. “Quality education responds to a desire of the student to learn, instead we have power brokers deciding what children need to know to be useful to the authorities. ” (Spinoza & Baruch, Jan, 11, 2010). Students are more prone to get an inadequate education. In order to obtaining a college education it requires a person to have a certain amount of dedication and personal drive.

A child’s education begins at home, which sets the guide line for the need to learn. Obtaining an education is not just about thing a person the basics it is a much more complex experience. “If you want to find out the impact of education on any individual, you can do an intense observation to the way a well-educated person excel in life and then compare them with an illiterate person” (Minton, 2009).

More experts estimate that a college increase’s your income by as much as three times, over those who do not have a degree. While attending college they learn more about the world, as a result they gain insight on the difference between right wrong. In a speech, President Obama spoke to a group of students at a local school he said, “Your goal can be something as simple as doing all your homework, paying attention in class, or spending some time each day reading a book. Some of you may decide to get an extracurricular activity or volunteer in the community.

Some of you may decide to stand up for a kid who is being bullied, because of your belief, because young people need a safe place to study and learn. ” (Top News, Sept. 8, 2009). They all need to have some type of goal in mind in order to reach our full potential and wiliness to not let anything stand in our way.  An education is not just a way to move within your already existing job but a way to change the outcome of one’s whole, life.

When they return to college they will have the opportunity to change professions to something that better fits their career goals, and obtain future opportunities for advancement in their current careers. “The individual benefits that a college graduates enjoy, includes a higher level of savings, increased personal satification, professional mobility, improved quality of life for their offspring, better consumer decisions making and more hobbies and leisure activities” (Porter, 494). According to a 2007 survey by U. S.

News and World report, the number of college student’s age 40-64 years has increased nearly 20% to about two million in the last decade (2007). More adult are returning back to college to attain a degree or just to say to themselves that they could do it. The Importance of a Good Education 6 Education Most trade schools offer a course of study that is tailored toward enhancing one specific skill at a time. Students who attend a trade school do not have the same flexibility that is offered to college students, even though some trade schools do offer degree programs.

Students at a traditional college have an opportunity to explore different fields and interest, (Traditional College VS. Trade School, 2012). Students who earn a bachelor’s degree will earn 42 to 53 percent more than those with some college or an associate’s degree. The earning potential for trade school graduates is not as high as that of a person with a college degree. On- the- job-training may be, only beneficial to you when you are trying to advance within your present position or to move to another job title.

It may hinder you when you try to find a job outside the field you work in now, (Traditional College VS Trade School, 2012). “The cost of a college education has risen faster than the private sector income (Anonymous, 2008; Tozzi, 2009), parents and school counselors are increasing efforts to find the most affordable, yet worthwhile options for higher education. ” While the cost of an education may be increasing in cost the demand for people with college degree are in a high demand.

While the cost of trade schools are often cheaper than that of a four year college, the training received at trade schools limits the choices of jobs open to an individual. On -the -job -training is usually paid for by the company they are employed with and at no cost to the employee. Anxiety over the rising cost of a college education, especially with the “sticker prices” of published tuition and fees, widespread during 1990’s, in part due to the low growth of family income relative to increases in tuition prices (Ehrenberg, 2000). “In 1970, only 26 percent of middle-class workers had any type of education beyond high school. Today, nearly 60 percent of all jobs in the U. S. economy require higher education” (The Value of a College Degree, 2012). According to an article entitled, The Outcomes of Investment in Education and Peoples Well-being, “Economists consider that the time and money invested in education pay returns and that these have positive net effect on the possibilities of satisfying human needs. With the completion on a college degree your chances of obtaining a higher paying job are greatly increased and the unemployment rate drop which puts more money back into the economy. The Importance of a Good Education 8 Education It is clear that in order to obtain a quality education, they must be completely dedicated toward achieving a goal. Obtaining a college degree will be a long process that will prepare a person for many different changes in their life.

Even though the cost of an education has risen in the past few decades, the benefits of a college degree are far more likely to increase their earning potential, their standards of living, and their social standing.


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