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Herzberg Final Exam Management

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Introduction In order to solve the problem of absenteeism in the company, I intend to come up with two motivation theories to enhance the employees' work enthusiasm and therefore Improve their work performance and efficiency. Two theories are content theories and process theories. The existence of these two theories is necessary and served mainly to prevent dissatisfaction and improve employee engagement, thereby Influenced Individuals to superior effort and performance. Initially, I intend to use Herbage's theory related to problem analysis.

Herbert (1959) related motivation to the nature of a person's work. He proposed the two-factor theory about employees 'experience of work, In this theory, researchers characterize two different motivation factors, which are, motivator factors and hygiene factors. Motivators factors can refer to the features of the work itself, for example achievement, recognition, work itself, responsibility and advancement. The hygiene factors is more concerned about the condition that surrounding the workplace, Such s company policy, working conditions, reward system, salary, administration and supervision.

Because the motivator factors are associated with satisfaction and influenced managers' work performance. However, hygiene factors served mainly to prevent dissatisfaction of employees; it is important to help me to reduce my staffs unsatisfied. According to the hygiene factors, the most useful and beneficial way Is to Increase salary. Believed that monetary reward was an Important motivating factor. Pay could simply be used to increase rates of output. Although company haven't expense to hire new employees to do extra work.

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Therefore, We can provide the proper overtime payment and reward according to the employee's performance. Besides, I will establish the good relationship with my employees -such as having a cup of tee after work and chat with them with pleasure. In this case, employees may feel a sense of satisfaction for work environment and willing to focus on the work. Employees' Job performance. According to Hickman and Lolled,there are three Job characteristics in this theory ,including skill variety, autonomy and feedback from job. Ill variety means arrange different task to employees and motivated them to work. ' In this regard, I will arrange different task based on their ability, For example, Some of the people responsible for the cashier. Responsible for cash, bank deposit receipts and accounts, check management and the preparation of cash weekly report. And some can act as Sales accountant. Responsible for the sales business process, including billing, inventory of finished goods, prepare weekly sales, and the customer check contacts, with sales department to check shipping etc.. Hereford can full their potential and let them feel work is meaningful. Moreover,autonomy refers to show work results for the staff and let them responsible for outcomes,after employees complete the task,' would like to praise them and tell them why we can get this case successfully is because their effort. They may feel a sense of achievement and work more hard. Finally, Feedback from Job, which means care about staff and let them know Job is important. During the work, I can communicate with employees, when they encounter difficulties,' will give advice and trust they can achieve the org.

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