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Emigration Sana Hasan Emigration is a way to move from one country to another to live and work. Throughout history emigration has played a major role in the formation of different cultures that exist today. It has been a phenomenon as common as any other basic need of human been.

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Nowadays, many people decide to emigrate to have a better life. Those people live in bad conditions make them put the emigration as a best solution for their problems. In spite of the fact that this step may cost them their lives, they will not hesitate to hazard.

They are looking for place they can achieve their dreams in it and they make their children have better opportunities to build their lives. During last decades, we can see strong waves of emigration. There are many things cause emigration like employment opportunities, education opportunities, and wars. Employment opportunities are most common reason that people decide to emigrate. Many countries can’t provide jobs for their people, or they give educated people low salaries which guide them and their families to live in poverty.

Therefore, people prefer emigrate to other countries which have variety kind of jobs and as a result people will have a lot of opportunities to find a job. Moreover, finding a job in other countries will probably lead to have high salary. For instance, the emigration of Mexican people to the United States. The emigration can lead people to a better life with high possibility of personal development. It can improve the economy of a certain country. For instance, in Egypt when people emigrate to work in other countries, they send part of their salary to their families.

Therefore, this amount of money will help to improve the economy. It might cause a brain drain. The skilled and educated people such as doctors, lawyers, engineers, and teachers of undeveloped and poor countries often emigrate to rich and more developed ones. One of the most important causes for emigration is the war. There are many various of wars. The two severe wars are religion’s war and civil war. When one of these wars happens, the situations in the country will deteriorate. Destruction will be everywhere and the people will lose their basic rights.

The families in these countries try to insure a safety life for their members. Therefore, a lot of families prefer to emigrate to another country. They are trying to protect their children from involved in these situations. The people who lead these wars they don’t distinguish between a kid and an old person or a woman and a man. They kill everything they found in their way. They destroy everything. The conflict escalates and guides the country to the collapse. Therefore, a lot of people leave their country and looking for safety place to live in.

That obviously happens in the most African’s countries and in the Middle East countries. For instance, what happened in the second Iraq war is a great example for that. A lot of families left their homes and their jobs when violence speared everywhere. Finally, there are so many causes for emigration that force people to leave their homes and sometimes their families to find a place they can achieve their dreams in it. Among all the causes we can figure a main cause which guide to the others; it is the governments.

If each government put the people benefits in the first rank, no one would suffer and all the people will have a good life standard. They can avoid a lot of disasters if they think in correct way and forget their tyrannical. Therefore, instead of spending a big fortune for the weapons, they can use this fortune in other thing like develop the economy, create a lot of jobs, raise the salaries, and develop education system. Also they can avoid wars by finding another solution for their conflicts.