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What Is the Research Topic you are responsible for? The Importance of mentoring to develop fresh graduates In work place. What are the Findings from your Research on this topic? In today's rapidly advancing society, there are many fresh graduates from top colleges and universities with good grades who are still unable to meet their work targets or cope with the pace of work. Before when they enter or just started their first career, they have to face a lot of unknown circumstances and requirements.

Therefore, a mentoring program is so much needed to them. Mentoring is the act to build up a relationship between two people; "mentor" and "mantle". Mentor will be providing guidance and shared their knowledge and experiences to develop a realistic expectation of the work. The following is some advantages which important:- 1 . Help to analysis- Mentor can help mantle assess career strengths and weaknesses and also determine future goals. 2. Help to familiarize ? about the Important individuals within the field, including sources for new ideas regarding content. 3.

Help New Entry smoothly into the new company - become more knowledgeable, understanding and entering into the prevailing culture. 4. Help to provide a safety net - social support In a potentially stressful situation. 5. Help to enhances performance level - giving advice or guides to accelerates learning to support their development. 6. Help to promote development effectively - help to guide the direction and provide feedback, providing technical and professional knowledge and skill to promote development effectively. And also giving proper guidance can avoid the mistakes which will affect performance.

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In addition to the above, mentoring programs in organizations can be helpful in Improving performance and also achieve higher productivity so may lead to higher lob satisfaction. Thus, mentoring during Induction period can offer support in :- 1 . Help to understand about the working practices and discuss or guiding about the issues which relating to the role. 2. Conducive to the rapid absorption of cultural and social norms organizations also learn about which they need to know to succeed In lob role. 3. Help or navigate their way when came to a new specific job or particular area of responsibility. . Sharing business information and work skills, accelerate the recesses for the identifying, developing and retaining talent to increase the Job satisfaction. Are there other opinions on this topic? The negative experiences, however, are most often to seen in organization which without a formal mentoring process, example Like not tied to business goal, without tracking system for mentoring relationship and without structure support. Some of those negative is occurs between mentor and mantle, such like mentor which 1 OFF due to a lack of knowledge and interest on the role which as a mentor.

What is your conclusion on actions to achieve improvements? Even with the possibility of negative situation than can occur, the strong advantages of mentoring program is a powerful tool to help fresh graduates in their career by increasing productivity, gain a broader perspective, knowledge and insight into the work practices and also develop a realistic expectation of the work. Reference List Kale, L. (2011). Making a Mentoring Relationship Work: What is Required for Organizational Success. Applied Business and Economics, 12, 49-50. Susan, M. (2011). Use Mentoring to Develop Employees [website].

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