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Disease is common throughout the world and can spread at a fast rate. It is spread very often by animals other than humans and is often spread through person to person or animal to person contact. The small deer mouse can infect a human with a disease named the Hantavirus from the family Bunyaviridae. Hantavirus is a deadly disease that has shocking causes, dangerous effects and also has preventions and treatments. The causes of Hantavirus are shocking. Hantavirus starts when a contaminated deer mouse’s droppings or nest are inhaled.

The disease is also not contagious because it is only spread by the deer mouse. Once the disease is inhaled it goes straight to the lungs or kidneys and infects them. A person that contracts this disease will not know that they are infected until the effects of the disease are almost in its worst stages. Therefore, immediate medical attention needs to be given to the infected person. Hantavirus is caused by the deer mouse which then leads into some very deadly effects. The disease enters the body and targets the respiratory or urinary systems.

The disease goes into the lungs or kidneys which are vital organs in anyone’s body. As a fact, half of all patients treated with Hantavirus in the U. S have survived the disease. Other effects include kidney failure, lung failure, and rapid shallow breathing. The effects of Hantavirus are killer but there are preventions and treatments for it. At this time, there is no cure for the lungs but the kidneys are easier to treat. The doctors will try to use oxygen therapy for the lungs to help the patients breathing.

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Any person can prevent the Hantavirus by setting mouse traps or by simply calling an exterminator for a check of your house. In conclusion Hantavirus has shocking causes, effects that may lead to death and has preventions and treatments. Hantavirus is a deadly disease caused by a small deer mouse. This treatable disease has also been the cause of some deaths around America. The disease was first seen in the United States in a village called Four Corners Arizona in 1993. Hantavirus may be part of the reason why many people have a phobia of mice.

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