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Gardners Multiple Intelligences Musical Intelligence Education Essay

This paper conducted By Donovan A. McFarlane in Spring 2011 to analyze Gardeners Multiple Intelligence theory as the most practical and active platform for twenty-first century educational and instructional methods constructed on the appreciative differences in today ‘s schoolrooms and educational establishments. It deals with the sole potencies and features of single scholars, the opportunities that arise from using the thoughts of multiple intelligences, the demand for flexibleness and version in a world-wide humanity, and the turning demand for duty at all degrees of instruction.

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Numerous definitions of intelligence are shown in his paper to analyze the theories of Sternberg and Goleman as supportive surveies of Gardener ‘s MI as being the most effectual platform for twenty-first century in the educational and instructional Fieldss.


Assorted theories of intelligence are widespread in educational and psychological field. Some of those theories deal with remarkable intelligence and some as Gardner ‘s multiple intelligences concerns with diverseness. Each theory has its ain position point of view which affected educational and instructional methodological analysiss. Multiple intelligences ( MI ) consist of many subdivisions of single accomplishments and prospective attacks harmonizing to their acquisition manners. IN ( MI ) theory, Gardner ( 2011a ) believes that there are nine separating types of intelligences: spacial intelligence, naturalist intelligence, interpersonal intelligence, intrapersonal intelligence, lingual intelligence, logical-mathematical intelligence, musical-rhythmic intelligence, bodily kinaesthetic intelligence and experiential intelligence. ( McFarlane, 2011 )

Gardner ‘s Multiple Intelligences

Musical Intelligence

It deals with ability of an person in acknowledging the public presentation, composing, and grasp of musical forms. It includes the capableness to place and represent musical pitches, tones, and beat. Gardner believes that musical intelligence relates to structural equivalent to lingual intelligence.

Linguistic Intelligence

Spoken and written linguistic communication is the most effectual concern of lingual intelligence. The ability to larn linguistic communications, and the ability of utilizing a linguistic communication to accomplish specific purposes and to show one ‘s ends verbally or rhythmically. An single uses the linguistic communication as a agency to retrieve informations and information. poets, attorneies, authors and talkers are among those that an effectual lingual intelligence as Gardener references.

Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence

It relates to utilizing one ‘s whole organic structure or parts of the organic structure to work out jobs potentially. It concerns with the accomplishment to utilize mental abilities to harmonise them with bodily actions and activities efficaciously. Howard Gardner respects mental and physical activity as related.

Spatial Intelligence

It relates to the possibility of acknowledging and utilizing the assorted forms of broad infinite and more limited countries in educational and instructional Fieldss.

Interpersonal Intelligence

Concerned with the ability to understand the intents, stimulation, demands, wants and desires of other people. It relates to working in groups successfully with other squads. Religious, pedagogues, sales representative, and political leaders and counsellors all need a well-developed.

Intrapersonal Intelligence

It deals with understanding oneself successfully, grasp of one ‘s feelings, frights and motives efficaciously. Harmonizing to Howard Gardner ‘s sentiment, it involves holding an effectual working theoretical account of ourselves, and to be capable to utilize such informations, facts and impressions to command and standardise our lives.

Naturalist Intelligence

It describes the human capableness to separate from other life animals ( workss, animate beings ) every bit good as understanding to other characteristics of the natural universe as trees, clouds, skies, stone constellations, H2O supplies and so on.

Experiential Intelligence

Understanding and being able to dispute and track deep enquiries about human being, such as what does life intend? why do we populate? Why do we decease? and how did we acquire here.

Harmonizing to the inventor of multiple intelligences theory, Howard Gardner, “ intelligence can be defined in three ways as: ( I ) a belongings of all human existences ; ( two ) a dimension on which human existences differ ; and ( three ) the ways in which 1 carries out a undertaking in virtuousness of one ‘s ends ” ( Gardner, 2011a, p. nine ) . Gardner believes that the dense base for ( MI ) theory lies in bio-psychological possibilities that range across cultural surroundings.

Some bookmans supported Gardener ‘s and Hatch ‘s positions of MI theory. Two of the most noteworthy illustrations are Robert J. Sternberg and Daniel Goleman. McFarlane states “ The very definitions of intelligence provided by both these theoreticians reflect the same withdrawal from hidebound theories of intelligence that is espoused by Gardner. Sternberg ( 2004 ) defines intelligence as “ accomplishment in accomplishing whatever it is you want to achieve in your life within your sociocultural context by capitalising on your strengths and counterbalancing for, or rectifying, your failings ” ( p.1 ) . Goleman ( 1995 ) differs merely somewhat by holding a more “ remarkable ” definition of intelligence ” : emotion. He defines intelligence as “ abilities such as being able to actuate oneself and prevail in the face of defeats ; to command impulse and delay satisfaction ; to modulate one ‘s tempers and maintain hurt from drenching the ability to believe ; to sympathize, and to trust ” ( p.285 ) . Goleman calls this “ Emotional Intelligence ( EI ) ” and believes that it accounts for 80 % of success in persons ” .

Why Multiple Intelligences is the Most Effective Platform

The developed theory of MI by Dr. Howard Gardner is based on the consideration that people learn devouring of assorted sorts of intelligences as Griggs et Al. provinces in 2009. This shows that people differs in geting and larning cognition harmonizing to their single differences and bio-psychological and cultural factors which affect their accomplishments and abilities. MI among different intelligence theories has its exceeding platform covering with human diverseness characterizing persons, and therefore leads to a more effectual and useful attack to turn to alone scholars in the schoolroom.

Comparing MI theory to other theories of heads or human potency is surely the most operative and active platform upon which to better educational and instructional methodological analysiss for the schoolroom of the twenty-first century. We live in a truthfully international society where assortment of worlds has become the most of import and important characteristic of societal life. This diverseness is noticeable in the twenty-first century school and schoolroom where pupils from all Marches of life ( stand foring diverse linguistic communications, civilizations, civilisations, nationalities, faiths, and socialization-backgroundsaa‚¬ ” non to advert alone single personalities ) meet in a remarkable topographic point where the teacher must be able to ease huge differences.

Merely multiple intelligences ( MI ) hold the influence and indispensable prospective for teachers or pedagogues to develop elastic and wide adequate methodological analysiss and larning manners to turn to this different scholars with their assorted skill sets or abilities.

Harmonizing to Donovan, ” Further grounds of the toughness of multiple intelligences as the most suited and effectual platform for twenty-first century instructional and educational methodological analysiss can be gleaned from the application of assorted engineerings in the acquisition procedure. ” As engineering is the facet of the new age, we should incorporate it in our educational system assorted with MI in order to make a new kingdom of modern direction. Besides, Gardener ‘s outgrowth of Emotional Intelligence ( EI ) has besides brought new apprehension of intelligence that makes MI theory more ambitious and effectual because incorporating “ emotion ” allows for even greater comparatively and subjectiveness in the definition of what truly constitutes intelligence. Furthermore, developed societal interaction and interpersonal accomplishments and increased their importance of specifying intelligence as a wider scope of human capablenesss which helps to show an apprehension of single inimitability as the moderating characteristic in intelligence.


As one of assorted factors that influence educational and instructional procedure, intelligence has its ain affect in planing a new attack which helps pedagogues and teachers to cover with the diverseness and single singularity of the scholars in one acquisition environment by utilizing different acquisition manners. MI theory draws back the advancement and differences between the modern centuries and old 1s by delegating new attacks and integrates them into educational system as turning our positions of the instructional methodological analysiss and turn toing diverseness, single accomplishments and integrates them with engineering as a consequence of globalisation. As Donovan provinces, ” Education is now a planetary procedure and “ Education should embrace a assortment of methods in order to reflect kids ‘s different acquisition manners ” ( Silverstein, 1999, P. 18 ) . ” So harmonizing to Donovan ‘s point of position on his research paper which titled as Multiple Intelligences: The Most Effective Platform for Global twenty-first Century Educational and Instructional Methodologies, “ Gardner ‘s MI theory therefore represents the most effectual platform for planetary twenty-first century educational and instructional methodological analysiss and those pedagogues who embrace this position will happen themselves run intoing and exceling stakeholders ‘ demands for answerability in the schoolroom and instruction. ” As pedagogues and teachers of this new age, we have to encompass differences in a truly diverse society of the twenty-first century.