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A radio presenter is a career

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Working as a radio presenter is a career that has been of my interest for a long time. Currently I work as an on air personality for KHXT HOT107. 1 an all hip hop station in Memphis Tn. For the time that I have worked for the station in that capacity I have learned that working as a radio presenter in whatever capacity is a career that is interesting but also a career that needs a lot of skills in presentation so that one is able to have a command of the listeners. The listeners are the most important people when working as an on air personality.

It is the function of the air pres4enter to make sure he or she attracts listeners who would always like to listen to the radio station. One should always be ready to attract more listeners to the station so that the stations have a competitive advantage over other radio stations. The presenter in a radio station is the first factor that listeners put into consideration before they can start listening to a certain programme, which one presents. Radio presenting or on air radio, presenting is a very competitive and therefore requires one to have a winning edge over to this field of broadcasting.

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Therefore, it is essential that an on air presenter posses some very important qualities. One of the things that a person need to learn first as an on air presenter is to understand radio broadcasting and also understand what makes one to be a good on air radio presenter. When one understand these, then it becomes important to be able to match these requirements with the unique qualities that one has and the strengths that can make one to be a good on air presenter. Therefore, it is important to look for another on air radio presenter who is skilled so that he or she an become a mentor.

He or she assists to make one recognize strong areas and weak areas that needs to be improved in order for one to become a good on air presenter (Alexander & Boyd, 2008). The other important thing that one needs to know and understand well before engaging in a radio station to work as an on air presenter is the culture and the language used in the radio station. Different radio stations have unique cultures that distinguish them from other stations. (Alexander & Boyd, 2008). From example, before I joined KHXT HOT107.

1 an all hip hop station I had to learn what is required in a hi hop culture so that I could fit well. This allows one to fit well in the station and be able to move according to the desires of the listeners. People who listen to this station have great interest in hip hop music so it becomes important to take into consideration of all the subcultures in the hip hop industry. This is because there are those listeners who like slow hip hop and those who like quick hip hop. Understanding all the subcultures and the likes of various presenters becomes a key issue in this career.

As an on air presenter one is supposed to adhere to the culture of the station failure to which the listeners will lose interest in listening to music they are not interested in. This also helps one to be able to keep pace with current trends in the industry. As an on air radio presenter one becomes a public face with the responsibility of entertaining and giving information. The most important aspect is to keep people listening for a long time as possible and make them want to come back and listen again to the station.

One becomes the glue which holds the all the elements of the station together. This is because one becomes a key decision maker when on air. The decisions one makes may attract the people to listens for example to the music one is playing or the decision may make people to be bored with whatever one is giving them. So it is important to always have it right all the time when on air. There is need to have a direct interactions with the listeners (McLeish, 2005). When working as an on air presenter there is a need to reveal a bit of the self. This help to have a better connection with the audience.

It is important to use a name that people can recognize fast and connect on to your presentations. It is also important to have a good voice that attracts the attention of the listeners. Different from television or other media being an on air presenter on the radio requires one to have a good voice that can command attention from the people. One needs to have good pronunciation skills and be audible. (McLeish, 2005). One should understand when to talk and when to make music flow because too much talk may make people lose interest on what you are saying.

This is because most of the listeners, for example, of KHXT HOT107. 1 need entertainment not lectures. One should be a someone whom the audience can have trust and warm to. One should put the requests of the listeners before hand. This makes the listeners to like you and feel comfortable in relating with the presenter. References Alexander, R. & Boyd, A. (2008) Broadcast journalism: techniques of radio and television news, 6th edition, Edition6, Oxford, Focal Press. McLeish, R. (2005) Radio Production, 5th edition, Oxford, Focal Press.

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