Was Alexander the Great Really as Great as He is Thought to Have Been?

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Last Updated: 18 Nov 2022
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Alexander The "Great" had many conquering victories in his lifetime. But the question is;

Is he as "great" as people make him out to be? I think not.

Alexander wouldn't have gotten where he did without his father. Philip(Alexander's

father) gave him the best kind of education he could get, including Aristotle. They taught him all he knew. When Philip died, he bequeathed Alexander with his incomparable army. Philip was already forming his army to be the best they could be before Alexander wanted power. Philip invented the Phalanx. The Phalanx operated by having Greek soldiers drilled to turn any direction and reach between 5 miles of their comrades. Every soldier had to stay in lines in a certain way to avoid any gaps. That way no one could get through the barrier. This army was passed down to Alexander when he became heir.

Even though Alexander's battles were won, Greece was already undergoing pressure with the population and a rising standard of living. Greece was technically at a weak point. Which made conquering battles easier for Alexander. Greek culture was already expanding anyway. Alexander was just helping it basically. Most Greeks had already gone over to the Persian Empire. They went there to serve as soldiers, traders, and doctors. The Persian Empire was already steadily weakening and declining.

Like I said earlier, Philip had already created the Phalanx and was building an empire. I believe Alexander was just another pon to the game of conquer the world. His empire had little organization. There was no permanent institution created to govern it. Alexander also died at a young age of 33. After he died, his empire fell apart. Monarchs ruled after he died. Alexander's political unity had fell apart.

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Alexander was just another pon to his father's game of conquer. I believe that Alexander isn't as great as people make him out to be. He just continued the work of his father. Now maybe if he lived longer and his empire was more organized, then that would be a different story.

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