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Sony Music entertainment

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Most major companies have been able to dominate the music industry in the last century because of the ability of these industries to be organized in meeting their organizational objectives. In addition, these music industries are able to implement business approach to be recognized in the global market.

In addition, these music industries like BMG are able to provide their target market different and diversified products with full spectrum of music genre. In addition, companies like Universal Music Group, Sony Music entertainment, Warner music group and EMI records, are able to manage and sustain their competitive advantage by valuing their artists and by having good relationship with the manager and the artist.

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Based on the given case, it is said that music industry has been able to dominate the market because of their capacity to exert continuously the market power in which these industries have enjoyed in the past centuries. Since these major industries are targeting common market segments, these industries must be able to be more competent in the market environment. The so-called BIG FIVE in the music industry has been able to use sustainable competitive advantage among their rival companies. Question 2 Answer

Based on the given case study about BMG, it can be said that digital music or music over the internet represent a disruptive technology for music industries like BMG and other members of the BIG FIVE, It can be noted that because of the existence of the internet, access to music has become very affordable to consumers and sometimes access to music has made a great on the delivery of online music. With this, music industries are being pressured to devise new approaches which can address the threats brought by online music delivery.

In addition, the internet also affects profit and number of sales of the music industries because of the rapid increase of the number of people that uses the internet. With the threat post by the internet to major labels and industries in the music sectors, there is a tendency that major record companies’ competitive position may be affected and their market dominance may also be threatened. In this regard, companies like BMG should be able to integrate their business approach with the internet market to ensure market dominance.

Question 3 Answer To be able to stay in their competitive advantage and position, Zelnick and Conroy should be able to consider a marketing approach which is integrated with internet marketing. In addition, they should reorganize their company to distribute their music within the World Wide Web. In addition, the strategy and structure of BMG’s digital organization should consider an organisational structure which establishes four operational groups which include the adherence to the needs and demands of the internet market.

Furthermore, the organisational structure should be integrated and strategically aligned with a new department that will handle technological advancement with the products and services offered in the music market. Reference Hitt, M. A. , Ireland, R. D. , and R. E. Hoskisson (2008), Strategic Management: Competitiveness and Globalization (Concepts and Cases), 8th Edition (South-Western Publishing Corporation: Minneapolis), 2008.

Sony Music entertainment essay

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