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Food Presentation

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As we all know, food is essential to our daily lives because it gives us the energy and nutrients that we need especially when we prepared it right. So our professor gave us a task to prepare a meal (good for six persons) that follows the guidelines of the Food Pyramid. During our brainstorming, many ideas came up to our minds. But we came up to a point that we should have criteria in choosing the right meal. It should be healthy, satisfying, and of course it will not cost us too much.

After exchanging ideas, we finally decided that we will be having Crab and Corn soup as the appetizer, Chicken Curry for the main dish, Saging Con Yelo for the dessert, iced tea (Apple flavor) for the drinks and Apple for the side dish. After the discussion, the group leader assigned the task and set the time and place for the next meeting. I was assigned to prepare the list of ingredients that will be used for the cooking. When my group mates and I meet again, everybody was excited especially me because we will be buying the ingredients that we need for the food presentation.

It’s already been a long time since I last go to a market and I really don’t know how to choose from what’s fresh or not and to buy or not to buy so I asked my group mates to teach me the basics in buying fresh vegetables, meats and fruits. Luckily, Florevil knows something about cooking so we didn’t had a hard time dealing with it. Since me and some of my group mates don’t know how to cook, we are assigned to prepare the ingredients and make sure everything is ready. While Florevil is cooking the meal, I watched every step of it so I can cook it at our house when my mom is not around.

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As the meal is almost done, some of my group mates prepared the dessert and the side dish, some prepared the table and set it in a presentable way and some called the guests who will taste the meal that we prepared. I couldn’t resist myself to eat when I smelled the Chicken Curry but I have to because we should serve the guests first. By the way, it is my favorite dish After the guests tasted our meal, they gave us comments. The food is well presented and the main dish and the dessert are delicious.

But the appetizer is too salty and didn’t go well with the main dish and dessert. Good thing we had apples as our back up to the salty appetizer we cooked. The presentation ended. We cleaned our mess and had a last group meeting to discuss the positive and negative comments of the guests. We accepted the criticisms given by the guests whole heartedly for us to learn from it and to improve more the next time we will have an activity like this. We can also apply the knowledge that we have learned from this activity and use it for the future.

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