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Fluency vs Accuracy

We all know that English is an international language which people from all over the world learn in order to communicate with each other. There are two types of language learner: the first type is being accurate in speaking English. This means that if a person start to say something, and then realize that he/she made a mistake, that person will stop and correct that mistake.

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They might pause and contemplate what the right word or phrase should be use. The other type is Fluency, this type increases the progress of the learners.

English is our universal language. Indeed, it is very important for us to have knowledge in speaking English because it will help you to develop your speaking skills and in the near future, whenever, you will find for a job it is one of the most important qualifications that you can speak well or fluently. Some people who are not that good enough in speaking English are called English carabao in informal term. But then, in our daily lives we must pursue ourselves to learn something new like speaking in English fluently.

It doesn’t matter whether your grammar are correct or wrong what is important is the thought you have in your message even if it is formal or informal conversation. Based on my experienced, if you can’t speak English at all, I think you’re a loser. Last December 2010 we celebrated our holiday vacation in Hong Kong. As we went there almost of the people there only know how to speak Cantonese not English. For us Filipino it is a great insult if you don’t know how to express yourself in English especially if you want to ask something to the Chinese people who lived there or foreigners.

Traveling to other country is not easy of course the first thing you need to learn is English language. For some people who are afraid to express their selves in English it is not hindrance for them to learn something new. At first it is really hard but if you just concentrate and believe in yourself that you can do better, you can speak better that’s the spirit. Patience is a virtue, if we keep on trying again and again it would lead us to a successful life. Everything is possible in God’s you will see how great you are as a person.

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