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First Week Reflection

Amazing and Pretty Traveling is always interesting. As we move from one place to another for recreation, to visit different places, to see the beauty, to watch out the modern world. We usually take a great experience having a Joyful travel in new places which we had never seen before.

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We anticipate so much wow to the place where we are going somewhere to visit. I was so much dreaming about the United States to go.

And when I got a chance to go for ICE in United States, I started wondering how beautiful would be the place and university nature. Generally, I had a experienced on my past to leave home and arrive at the university. I found the difference in my expectations and the observations as soon as I attend this university. I got to know that there are also some smaller and beautiful cities in this country. After residing in this city, I made and cooperate with many friends from different nations with different races, religion, ethnics and so on.

But I found no difference in them. I Just gained an excessive and desirable experience to talk with them. Not only this, I felt that I’m getting the most advanced education in an affordable cost than any other institutions in whole United States. I am feeling so much excitement to meet new friends, new lecturers and others. The another thing is that I m having a new food that differ from my previous food. I feel uneasy with them and I think that it will be as used to slowly.

It was quite interesting to taste a new one before but not as a whole. However, I’m experiencing a DOD time at ECHO. I am enjoying most of the things beside some difficulties. Whenever I have problems, I suddenly ask my lecturers n if possible meet to my advisor. But every difficulties is the way of life and showing the right path to earn a meaningful livelihood as I think. Hoping all as the essentials of my life that I encountered, it seems normal Upton now, so amazing so pretty at ECHO.