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Essentials of Business Communication

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What is bias-free language? Provide several examples of biased language and bias- free alternative? C] Bias-free language Is language that Is sensitive to people's sex. Ace, age, physical condition and many other categories. CLC Example: Foreman, flagman, workman Businessman, salesman Teachers... They lead worker, flagged, worker businessperson, sales representative 6. What is you' view? Why do you need to use the you' view in business writing? Briefly explain with examples. 0 You' view is among the most important adaptive writing techniques are developing audience benefits and cultivating. Because it focus on audience benefits. When your goal is to inform, persuade, or promote goodwill, the catchiest words you can use are you and your. For example: Your order will be delivered by UPS in time for your sales promotion December 1 . 7. Why should business writers strive for conciseness? 0 Because conciseness allows for an easier conveying of messages. You only have 1-7 seconds to convince a reader and 90 second to confirm their attention, so concise messages are more likely to capture the attention and keep it. 8. In proofreading, is it difficult to find your own error?

How can you overcome this barrier? 0 Because most of us read what we "thought" we wrote. To help: allow 24 hours or longer to "cool" the document before proofreading. Also try changing the font or renting on different paper so that you feel you are reading something different. Cambodia Mekong University 9. What is different between "Direct strategies" and "Indirect strategies"? What each benefits of both strategies? 0 Direct Strategies: Placing the main idea at the beginning of the message. 0 Benefits of direct strategies: 0 Saves the reader's time.

Many of today's businesspeople can devote only a few moments to each message. Messages that take too long to get to the point may lose their readers along the way. 0 Sets a proper frame of mind. Learning the purpose up front helps the reader put he subsequent details and explanations in perspective. Without a clear opening, the reader may be thinking, why am I being told this? 0 Prevents frustration. Readers forced to struggle through excessive verbiage before reaching the main idea become frustrated. They resent the writer. Poorly organized messages create a negative impression of the writer.

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Essentials of Business Communication

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Indirect Strategies: Placing the main idea later in the message (after the details, Benefits of indirect strategies: 0 Respects the feelings of the audience. Bad news is always painful, but the trauma can be lessened when the receiver is prepared for it. Encourages a fair hearing. Messages that may upset the reader are more likely to be read when the main idea is delayed. Beginning immediately with a piece of bad news or a persuasive request, for example, may cause the receiver to stop reading or listening. 0 Minimizes a negative reaction.

A reader's overall reaction to a negative message is generally improved if the news is delivered gently. 10. What are some of the danger of e-mail? A hasty e-mail may end up in the boss's mailbox or be forwarded to an enemy. An erased messages can remain on multiple servers that are backed up by companies or ISP. E-mail turned into the "smoking gun" uncovered by prosecutors to prove indelicate or even illegal intentions. 11 . What are blobs, and how does business use them? Blob are the web-page which allow business people can access their advertising, announcement, company information etc.

Business people use blob to convenient communication though the customer and investor by Communication. 12. How can you make messages delivering instruction most readable? The way to make your message readable are: 0 Employing Whiteface 0 Understanding Margin and Text alignment 0 Choosing an appropriate typeface 0 Capitalize typeface and size Numbering and bullet list for quick 0 Add heading for visual impact. 13. What are the business communicator's most important goals in communicating The are: most importance goal for business communicator in negative message Explaining clearly and completely Projecting a professional image.

Conveying empathy and sensitivity Being Fair Maintaining friendly relations. 14. When is the direct strategy in communicating bad news preferable? The direct strategy in communication bad news is preferred when: 0 When the bad news is not damaged 0 When the receiver may overlook the bad news 0 When the organization is prefer the directness. When firmness is necessary 15. How can the passive voice be used effectively in bad-news messages? Provide an original example. Passive Voice verb enable you to deforestation action.

Whereas the active voice focus attention on a person. The passive voice can also highlight the action as well. Ex: Although franchise scoop shop owner cannot be required to lower their frozen yogurt price, we are happy to pass along your comment for their consideration. 16. What is communication? And what is effective communication? The process of sending and receiving message through verbal or nonverbal means-- beech (oral communication), writing (written communication), signs, signals, or understood by the receiver. 17. What are the steps in sending negative message?

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