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Essentials of The Christian World View

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The Christian world view is one that is much different than any other world view, but is the one world view that allows all of humanity to have a chance to receive eternal life, and spend that time in eternity next to their creator (Diffey, 2015). Humanity has the choice to live out their days on earth in whatever way that they choose to, and practice whatever belief system that they choose to. Christianity offers people the opportunity to feel like there is a meaning and purpose for their existence, and also that there is a better life to come after their death. A life without purpose is one that leaves most people feeling empty and unfulfilled. The Christian world view offers people the opportunity to to come into a relationship with God the father, the son, and the Holy Spirit which will forever change their life, and give them the opportunity to renew their souls so that they can not only live a skilled life on earth, but experience the true glory that is to come in the after life.

God the father is the beginning and the end of everything that has been, and will be created on earth. Gods attributes are perfect in every way (Diffey, 2015). Therefore, he had all of the knowledge, power, and wisdom to create everything in six days, and on the seventh day he rested (Genesis 1, New International Version [NIV]). The Bible says that his original creation was perfect, and that humanity which was his greatest creation was perfect as well (Genesis 1, NIV). Humanity did not remain perfect though, and the two people that God created went against the instruction of God. This led to sin and death being introduced to humanity, and from that point the fall of humanity began (Diffey, 2015). This fall left humanity disconnected from God (Diffey, 2015). In fact, he was so displeased that he destroyed what he originally created and started over (Genesis 6, NIV). Humanity began again, but still continued on with their sinful nature. Therefore, God sent his only son Jesus Christ to bear the burden for the sins of humanity so that they may have the opportunity to come back into a relationship with him (John 3:16, NIV). Since God is the creator of everything and knows all, one could only expect him to have the solution for every problem before they ever occur.

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The father’s perfect plan for bringing humanity back into a great relationship with him was Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ was perfect in every way. He was sent by God to save humanity from their sins and give them an opportunity to receive eternal life (John 3:16, NIV). Jesus ministered and socialized with sinners and believed that there was more to celebrate when someone who was lost came back home to the father, than there was for someone who already knew the father (Luke 15:11-31, NIV). He also believed that those who believe in his powers are blessed even more when they do not have to see them to believe them (John 20:29, NIV). This takes an incredible amount of trust, and unconditional faith. He not only conquered the sin, but he conquered the death which why Christians can not fear death, and have an opportunity to be born again (John 20, NIV). The way the Jesus lived his life deserves every bit of trust from his followers as he is the only human to ever live a perfect life.

The course that humanity has taken throughout history is far different that the life that Jesus Christ displayed. As a result, bad things happen in the world and with humanity as the consequences for their sins. All negative world events happen as a result of sin. Human being are sinners by nature, which is why God needed Jesus Christ to save them from their sins so that we may have an opportunity to restore ourselves and come back into a relationship with God (Diffey, 2015). When things are going well, people have a tendency to drift from God and start to give themselves credit instead of thanking God. That is why negative events happen, and God uses those circumstances as an opportunity to pull us closer to him. Humanity nature is flawed and that is why we need Jesus Christ in order to give those willing to learn the opportunity to grow in their faith, and do better.

When you accept Jesus Christ as your love and savior, that is when the process of restoration begins (Grand Canyon University, 2017). After people repent of their sins, and accept Christ they receive a renewed spirit. People begin to learn about the faith, and make improvements in their lives that give them the opportunity to save their souls. This gives them a chance to come back into a perfect relationship with God (Grand Canyon University, 2017).

The Christian world view believes in the Holy Trinity which consists of the father (God), the son (Jesus), and the Holy Spirit. Christians believe that God created all things which is different from the Aesthetic point of views that science is responsible for all of creation, and that humans were created with no purpose other than to exist (Hiles and Smith, 2015.) The Christian world view believes that you are saved from your sins and receive eternal life by having faith in Jesus Christ. Christians also believe that when you die there is an afterlife and that God will pass the final judgement on who gets to experience it next to him (John 3:16, NIV).

My journey to becoming Christianity has been one filled with peaks and valleys. In the summer of 2019, I started attending church regularly. I began going to a baptist church locally. I accepted Jesus Christ as my lord and savior and I believe that he forgave me of the sins that had derailed my life until that point. At that time I believe that I received a renewed spirit. Since that time, more of my faults have been revealed to me, and I am working to try to improve so that my would can be fully renewed. I believe that my story and how Jesus fixed the things in me at the time that I began to turn to him is something that I can share with others in some form to help them seek a relationship with Jesus Christ. I consider myself a work in progress as I am still growing my faith and obedience, but I believe that Jesus can still use me in the meantime in order to help others. I love God, and I know that he will not let go of me, and I surely won’t let go of him after what he saved me from.

How Christians view the world is unlike any other religion or world view. The more that one tries to understand, the more that they have the opportunity to find out more about themselves and what they need to fix. The good news is that they don’t have to do so alone. In fact, you can lay it all on the shoulders of your lord and savior Jesus Christ knowing that he is true to his word and he will never fail. People have the opportunity to become the best version of themselves the more that they learn about the Holy Trinity, and the Christian world view which paves the way for self-reflection that enables change to occur. I would rather be struggling to get to know God, than to wander the earth thinking there is nothing else to this life than to exist.


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