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Essay the Matrix

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The Matrix Plato believed that the world as we see it, is not real but a more illusion, a copy of the real world to be more precise. Take for example if you look at rose or at a woman and you think they are both beautiful, that's manifesting herself in those object, so the idea in this case pure beauty. So according to plato we are not really living in the real world, when we look at a rose or at a woman we are only seeing at a copy of real beauty. So when plato wrote about the cave, he said that man is chained in such a manner that they face only the shadows of anything that is passing by outside the cave.

Because the man has only seen these shadows, he will take it as the real things. So if the man sees the shadow of a tree, because that's the only thing he has seen he will think it's a real tree. The only way to become unchained Plato thought, was to begin to see the real nature of things through the mind's eye. But Plato belived that no one could be taught, they had to see reality for themselves, at most they could only be directed by people who had already been there.

Plato continues that when someone sees the real world for the first time, it will be to bright for the person and will be confused, but only after spending some time his mind like the eyes will adjust to the light. In the movie this is more or less what happens to Neo, he is trapped in an illusion, he thinks it's real because that's the only thing he has seen. He cannot be told what the matrix is he has to see it for himself, when he first sees it he cannot believe it, but eventually accepts it, and so forth.

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Both Plato's Cave and the Matrix play with the question are we awake? Both contend that humanity is asleep. Both Plato and the Matrix contend that given everyday world is illusionary. Plato because for him the real world are the form beyond the senses and everyday experience are just shadows on the cave wall. The Matrix presents an substratum a real world open rationing underground. And The prisoner who lives the cave, comes into the sun and their eyes are blinded by the light. The same can be seen when neo first came out of the matrix and said my eyes.

I can't see. Another of the similitaries is that in the Cave is some Light, the fire which cast the shadows of the puppets on the walls. This Light can be seen as an small aspect of the sun, small aspect of the Truth. It can be said, that there is Truth beyond the illusion, as its source is the Light. The same in the Matrix, the source of the Matrix is in the real world, only difference is that people are the Light of the matrix since they created it. And was told that's because you have never used them before.

Another similitaries is that in the Cave the prisoners never used their eyes truly, they were always in the darkness where they could not see behind themselves to see what was the source of the shadows, in fact their eyes were only adjusted/conditioned to the dimness of the Cave to the degree that when one of the prisoners left the cave and saw the outside their eyes were blinded, having never seen it before, or in the matrix having never used their eyes before. The other diference are that Matrix is more political than mystical as in Plato vision.

The philosophical view of the nature of reality as seen in the matrix and the allegory of the cave are the Artificial Intelligence machines are the puppeteers, tricking the humans into believing the Matrix is actual reality. The humans that are imprisoned in the Matrix are like the prisoners in the cave. Neo is the prisoner that is freed from the cave into the true reality of the world. The Matrix is the cave, the real world is existence outside the cave. If i compare these views Descartes poses the question of how he can know with certainty that the world he experiences is not an illusion being forced upon him by an evil demon.

He reasons since he believes in what he sees and feels while dreaming, he cannot trust his senses to tell him that he is not still dreaming. His senses cannot provide him with proof that the world even exists. Descartes’ evil demon is vividly realized in the Matrix films as the artificial intelligence that forces a virtual reality on humans. Just as Descartes realized that the sensations in his dreams were vivid enough to convince him the dreams were real, the humans who are plugged into the Matrix have no idea that their sensations are false, created artificially instead of arising from actual experiences.

Until Neo is yanked from the Matrix, he, too, has no idea that his life is a virtual reality. Like Descartes, Neo eventually knows to take nothing at face value, and to question the existence of even those things, such as chairs, that seem most real. I think that the scenario that is shown in The matrix Could’t happen. because there cant be transported from one world to another through the phone, and cant be alive in two equal bodies in two places are just illucions that in real life can not pass never.

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