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Essay on national service program

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The National Service Program proposal by the US congress once heard will immediately pose a lot of questions. But many of those questions have been answered by the different corps that has been providing utmost help to those who need. Through the National Service Program, public schools would be able to provide the education every child needs, the quality of life improved by providing easy and fast access to public health, providing food to the hungry, shelter to the homeless, environment conservation and protection, care giving to the elders and being there when a community experiences such devastating calamites and disasters like hurricanes, flooding and such terror activities. Most of the time, people would be willing to extend their service, but sometimes they just don’t know where or how (McCain, 2001).

With the proposal, almost every single American would be able to show their patriotism to the country. A lot of opportunities to serve others are present, and still many are not doing a thing. By providing means on where one could serve, that way, he or she would be able to determine what service could be provided according to his or her knowledge, skills and abilities. Serving the country is not just about joining the army and being involved in wars over Iraq, Vietnam and Afghanistan. Fortunately, a lot of different corps is available depending on the mode of service they provide.

The corp can be a group that can provide measures in making a community safe from any kind of crime and terrorists activities. The program also extends its help to countries in overseas by providing means in solving challenges for the development of a nation. Talents and skills are shared in this program for those who want to improve and further develop their capacities(Marshall, 2007). The service programs could be the key for students entering the college in choosing the career path they would be taking. A study has shown that students in high school that were engaged in a community service are more likely to finish college compared to those who have not joined such activity. Also, improvement in their reading skills, mathematics and science is evident(Roscow, 2007).

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Having a national service program instead of a voluntary or selective program will result into a lot of inevitable issues regarding freedom. Making or compelling the citizens to work for two years will greatly affect their lives. A family man working hard to raise his family would not have two years to serve others. He would of course be putting his family first before others. Or course the government cannot satisfy or at least provide the necessities that a family needs if their provider is gone and doing national service, would they?

Two years of public service is too much, considering the fact that it would be full time. Another issue that would be raised is how the government would compel millions of citizens to do national service. Would there be laws that would prosecute a person if he or she did not perform the necessary tasks he or she is into? If so, would it not violate the rights and freedom of the general public? A lot of issues are needed to be considered before passing the proposal especially those ones that concerns the rights and freedom of every American citizen.

The government alone cannot rely on the workforce is has. It needs more than it could have in providing services. As every American individual obtain the ever ending rights, entitlements and freedom, obligation to the nation lacks. And some don’t even know what really is their responsibility and obligation to their country. John Kennedy once told the country about not asking what a nation or a country do for them but it’s about doing something for the country (Healy, 2007). With the National Service Program, billion of hours of service could be provided in making a country far well-protected, stronger and a better place. It not only teaches patriotism but responsibility and compassion as a whole. Not everyone could be called a hero like those that have saved lives or the war veterans in World War II, but by providing service to your fellow countrymen, you can be a their hero.

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