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Essay on Anthropocentrism

Environmental Ethics I believe that the most critical ecological issue today is population growth and the anthropocentric self-interest centered life-style that human beings engage in. The combination of these two human qualities is detrimental to the environment. The first reason I think this is because when we uphold anthropocentric ideals, we toss the environment to the curve, and as a result all of creation suffers.

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Second, I believe that when we live for exclusively our own self-interest, we only speed up the process of ecological destruction.

If we shared our “stuff” and food with each other and the rest of the world, we could significantly reduce our impact. Third, I believe that even if we are ethical and environmentally conscious as individuals, it will not be enough. If one is sold on ecological salvation but still clings to individual self-interest, then they won’t have the ability to create serious and measurable change. The example of one farmer out of several deciding not to dump waste in a close by water reserve rings true to this idea.

Community interaction and a removal of our attachment to our own private benefits is essential in working towards a better cleaner earth. As a result of anthropocentric justification dominating our society, exclusive selfishness and self-interest driven life styles, and our inability to truly make a positive impact as individuals, I believe that population growth seamed with selfish anthropocentric living are truly the most critical ecological issues we face today.