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Enviromental Issues

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These are a few of many environmental issues that are faced in the Coastal Plains, the Western Cordillera, and the Arctic today. The Coastal Plains has many issues that need to be addressed. The Coastal Plains is a flat, low-lying area of land which is beside the sea coast.

It stretches smoke along the Ignited States and Mexico. It varies in climate depending on the region. For example in the north, it is defined by snowy and cold winters although in the summer it is hot and humid. In the southern part of the coastal plains it is sub-tropical, which means the winters are usually mild and warm. One of the many environmental issues in the Coastal Plains is urban sprawl (overpopulation). The Texas plains has expanded in population by 1 19% from 1970-90. The consequences of this are a large amount of carbon oxide being emitted into the atmosphere caused by cars and factories.

This also contributes to the climate change in the planet and global warming. Along with this, sea levels are rising and tropical storms/hurricanes are becoming more apparent. A solution to this issue is less usage of cars. If we could use fewer cars and start using more public transportation such as bikes and buses, we could put less carbon dioxide into the environment. We can't fix the overpopulation issue but at least bringing awareness could possibly make a difference. Overall, the Coastal Plains is a beautiful area that needs to have these issues fixed or bringing more awareness to the public.

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The Western Cordillera is a region in North America with environmental issues that can affect us greatly in the future. The Western Cordillera goes along the west coast of North America. It contains numerous mountains that haven't been worn down by erosion. The climate is usually mild but mostly it is very wet. The issues the Western Cordillera is climate change and clear cutting. Climate change affects this region by impacting future water resources. The jack of snow caused by climate change could make water more scarce in the future.

Clear cutting is also a severe issue. Clear cutting is when you cut down an entire forest until nothing is left. Consequently, salmon bearing streams are also affected too. The solutions the water issue is less uses of personal transportation. By using fewer cars we can reduce the amount of greenhouse gases and which equals slower effects of global warming. The clear cutting issue can be fixed by regulating what trees can be cut. Cutting the old trees instead of the new growth could help the environment.

However, the economy situation would make these possible solutions a challenge to follow. The Arctic could negatively change the Earth if we don't fix the severe issues that are happening at this moment. The Arctic region is a combination of lowlands and mountains. The climate is very severe since because it is not close to the equator. Summers are very short and winter dominates most months. Iron socially, the arctic is a desert because of the little amount of precipitation. The Arctic has been very vulnerable to effects of global warming.

The Arctic temperatures were raised more than twice than usual over the past century. This can lead to higher sea levels which could possibly be a disaster. Another thing that can happen is the extinction of Arctic animals. With less ice in the region, polar bears have a harder time finding food to eat and then they unfortunately die of starvation. The solution to this issue isn't really possible. Again, using less fossil fuel could possibly help. Possibly bringing awareness about the issue could bring public pressure to the government to do something.

However, until that would happen, we can only see the effects climate change has on this region In conclusion, the Coastal Plains, the Western Cordillera, and the Arctic have serious environmental issues that can permanently change the world. The one thing that all of these regions have in common is that they are all effected by climate change/global warming. We can't necessarily stop it but we can do our part to help these regions by not overly using personal transportation and emitting a lot of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Overall, these regions can negatively affect us unless we do something to change it.

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