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Enter The Vault Of Funds With Your Startup Pitch

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The Startup –Investor relationship has now moved to the small silver screen in India and promises to make our young and risk-taking innovators the ultimate entrepreneurial heroes and darlings of the small screen.

What does it really entail? You may take an example of ‘Shark Tank’ series, a popular American reality television show, wherein aspiring entrepreneur-contestants pitch their businesses to the investors referred to as Sharks, The Vault promises to be the Indian idol of Startups and Investors.

Through ‘The Vault’, Jatin Goel is creating more than just another avenue of investment for aspiring entrepreneurs. He aims to offer them a platform that will help establish a robust startup ecosystem that fosters innovation and drives growth for promising business ideas.

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Enter The Vault Of Funds With Your Startup Pitch

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. As an angel investor, Anupam has also been associated with Ola Cabs and Interactive Avenues at the seed stage, along with 75 investments he made in the startup space. Devansh Jain, Director, Inox Wind Limited and Inox cinemas will also be seen at The Vault, making investments in consumer-facing business startups.

The Mentor Wild Card

One of the distinguishing features of The VAULT will give an option to startups to consult Business Mentors .The Leading successful mentors are Ritu Marya, Editor-in-Chief, Entrepreneur Media (India Region); Ajeet Khurana, Advisor, Kalaari Capital and Rajat Tandon, Vice President NASSCOM.

What can you expect from Season One

The show will curate and present 50 of the most innovative and disruptive business ideas to emerge from Indian households

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