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Energy Crisis in Pakistan

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Energy is the bloodline of a country’s economy. A continuous and sufficient energy `supply can ensure a healthy and progressive economy. Pakistan is unfortunate to face severe energy crisis in recent years. The parting gap between demand and supply is mounting with every year and it is pushing the country into dark ages. Worst part of this menace is the fact the installed capacity of electricity can not only fulfill the energy demand but can also produce surplus amounts of energy. The highest peaks of energy demand are up to 14000 to 14,500 MW and the power generation capacity is 19.500MW.

Hence the problem is an outcome of the absence of any viable solutions to add energy to the national grid. The pertaining factors which caused such an intense situation are expensive means of energy production, transmission line losses, lack of infrastructure, circular debts and electricity theft. In addition to that the economy is sinking like rock due to the quagmire of scarcity of power. It had serious implications on business activity and country faces a shutdown of industry, drain of capital, unemployment and no foreign direct investment.

The falling economy took the crutches of foreign debts which caused soaring high amounts of utility bills. Now a days electricity situation is worst and country is challenged by an immense power blackout. The failure of the government to secure sustainable, dedicated and affordable energy supplies has resulted in closure of hundreds of units. It created an outcry in industrial community. It is high time to rectify the mistakes of past and implement long term and short term energy projects to fulfill the future day need of power.

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Energy Crisis in Pakistan

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