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Motivation and Emotion Argumentative Essay

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There are five motivations concepts that psychologists use to factor motivation that energize and direct human behavior. The Instincts approach is said to be a set of skills, preprogrammed in people and animals. These skills are biological in nature and programmed into our DNA. Instinct is not something they can be taught, it's an energy that guides various species in specific directions. Some of instincts drive us to reproduce, to birth and raise our children a certain way.

Drive-reduction approaches to motivation that energize the behaviors to fill a need. For instance, when you're thirsty the need to drink, or to eat, sleep and we produce. There are also drives that leads us to want to learn or achieve things. Arousal approaches motivates us as humans, to have a certain amount of activity and stimulation. This could be socializing or doing activities and bring out a higher level of arousal. Incentive approaches to motivation the desire to obtain a goal or incentive.

This incentive loud be for love, affection, food, sex or another particular goal. Cognitive approaches to motivation is the drive for your own personal enjoyment and satisfaction, rather than a reward that is tangible. This could be motivation of personal pride and satisfaction that physical things may not accomplish. There are five main emotions that drives us: we have love, Joy, anger, sadness, and fear. Love, can give us all of these emotions, when you love someone it brings you Joy.

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And this love can also cause us to feel sadness, fear and anger. We may worry that somebody will not love us back and this can bring the sadness. You could also be Jealous or angry if somebody does not love us back. Meanwhile, there is one positive emotion about being a returning student here the University of Phoenix and that emotion is pride. As a returning student in my forties, I have so much pride in myself and I know I will not give up on my education. Within a year I will have my degree and no one can take that away from me.

This is something that, I Alone, have put in the hard hours for my own personal success. On the other hand, the one negative emotion about returning to school is worry. I worry about everything, from the roof over my head to feeding my family. But, I worry more about school, my grades and completing my assignment of on time. I worry that I may not have what it takes to be a college graduate and do not have the strength to complete my degree. I worry about succeeding as a student. The incentive approach to motivation is what will motivate me to complete my degree.

Each week I seek out the results of my grades s an incentive and the fulfillment in my motivation to complete my college degree. This incentive helps push and pull me through to the next week. Every week that is completed, is one week closer to achieving goals. When I need extra incentive, I will use of some of sadness and grief of when I previously quit school as a deterrent and a motivator to stay on track. As this previously caused me great sadness and frustration that motivates me to stay in school.

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