Emergency Evacuation and Assembly Area

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  1. Read Modules 3 - 6 from CWTS01 Program Module that is posted on the top of the Weekly Outline page.
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  3. After reading it, read the case analysis for module 3 up to 6 and then answer the following questions.

For Module 3

Research on the Institute‘s fire / earthquake evacuation procedure

  • What are the steps that the school must observe during such emergency cases?

Before Fire or Earthquake:

  1. Assist in training of emergency personnel under their command.
  2. Designate an assembly area (or areas) for the building.
  3. Occupants of the building should be directed to assemble in this area when required to evacuate the building in an emergency. This will facilitate checking that all occupants are safe and enable speedy return to the building when the "all clear" is given.
  4. Ensure that on each floor, or in each area, a current list of Floor and Area Wardens (and telephone numbers) is displayed, together with an emergency floor plan. The emergency floor plan should show all rooms, exits, assembly area to be used in case of fire or emergency, fire alarms, extinguishers, fire hose reels and special emergency equipment.

In the case of Fire or Emergency (the assistance of a deputy may be required to undertake some of these tasks):

  1. Respond immediately to an alarm, determine the nature of the emergency.
  2. Initiate Emergency Evacuation Procedures for the building.
  3. Direct the actions of Floor and Area Wardens within the building.
  4. Check that all occupants have proceeded to the designated assembly area.
  5. In consultation with the Fire Service and the Emergency
  6. Coordinator, advise occupants when it is safe to return to the building.
  • Do you agree with the current evacuation procedures being implemented? Justify your answer.

I agree. Evacuation from buildings may be necessary as the result of fire, explosion, chemical leak, structural fault, equipment failure or bomb threat. These guidelines must be prepared principally for fire emergencies, but they are suitable for use in other emergencies like earthquakes.

  • What problems do you think the students may encounter while conducting the evacuation?

Stampede, chaos, panic are problems I think students may encounter while conducting the evacuation.

  • What plan of action/s do you suggest to address the possible problems the students may encounter during an evacuation?

To initiate or exercise fire and earthquake drills.

For Module 4

  • Based on the story presented on the case analysis, what is / are main character's concern/s?

Being not able to attend formal schooling, Mang Deolito is a no read, no write person.

  • How is the case of the main character similar to the other out-of-school youths in the country?

Because of poverty, a lot of parents can’t afford to send their children to school.

  • What are the probable causes of the prevalent cases of individuals unable to attend school?

Poverty and lack of interest are the causes of the prevalent cases of individuals unable to attend school.

  • How can the problem of illiteracy in the Philippines be properly addressed?

Government should provide free education for those people who are less fortunate. Free books should be provided for them to use and read.

  • How can the K+12 of the PNOY government alleviate the education here in the Philippines? Justify your answer.

One of the major pros that the program has to offer is that additional years of education will make Filipino students more mature, competent, well-rounded, and globally competitive. Our students will benefit a lot from this as long as the government will provide the best curriculum suited to every student.

For Module 5

  • What are the current concerns of the said Barangay on the case analysis in terms of their youth groups?

Some of the vendors reported a group of teenagers were seen sniffing solvents and rugby, smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol in the area. Other vendors even claimed that they also use drugs and create a disturbance to the market stalls. These teenagers use the market place as their tambayan. They can be seen together almost from day to night. They also like to entice others to join them in their activities, some who refuse were seen with bruises. Moreover, the group likes to engage into fights with other groups they see as inferior.

  • What plans or undertakings do you suggest to respond to the concerns that the brgy. is facing in terms of recreation?

First curfew should be implemented. For instance, at 10pm, no teenagers below 18 yrs. Should be seen roaming around outside their house. Kagawads should be visible at all times. In terms of recreation, aside from sportsfest, singing and dancing contest, beauty pageants and other recreations can be added to the program.

For Module 6

  • As a mapuan, how do you exercise the values being promoted by the Institute?

DECIR (Discipline, Excellence, Commitment, Relevance, Integrity) I exercise these values by following school rules like falling in line when in the bookstore or canteen. Or just by simply attending my class on time.

  • Other than the DECIR, what other values do you think are being practised by the Mapuans?

Patience and Honesty.

  • Suppose that the person on the case analysis is your friend. What pieces of advice can you give for him to appreciate the NSTP-CWTS Program of the Institute?

Being a diligent person, I would advise him to internalize the importance of attending the NSTP-CWTS Program of the Institute.

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