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Research Questions about Education

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How to Find Your Passion in 5 Creativity Exercises?

Benjamin Disraeli, a 19th century British Prime Minister, once said, "Man is only great when he acts from passion."

Effectively or affectively?

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The difference between effective and affective is hidden in the nouns “effect” and “affect” which build up these adverbs. “Effectively” means doing something that leads to the desired result. “Affectively” denotes the state which is caused by emotions or feelings.

What does it mean to have a "working knowledge" of something?

It means that you understand how to work with certain things without realizing the theoretical part. For instance, you know how to drive a car, but you don't have thorough knowledge of the mechanics of the vehicle and how it works inside.

In The Essay "The Third Bank of The River" Why does the Narrator's Father Had To Leave His Family?

In The Third Bank of The River the mother's reaction showed that she was very upset with the father's idea to build a canoe. The reader may understand the boat metaphorically – the canoe meaning the coffin. The father left his family because he was ready for the death, and the canoe and the father's departure symbolized that.

To what part of industry does a workers education contribute?

To which part of an industry does a workers education contribute? It belongs to human capital. Except for the education itself, human capital includes personal traits of the employee, skills, talents. All those features help the worker to perform better and bring about the economic growth of the company.

Which term describes ATP production resulting from the capture of light energy by chlorophyll?

Lots of students get this question during the Chemistry exam. The answer is simple: Photosynthesis. If it is an open question, write down about the process of Photosynthesis. It is that process which is used by different plants to penetrate light which comes from the sun and turn it into chemical energy. Oxygen is released as the waste product, allowing people to breathe in fresh air.

What is the difference between univariate and multivariate regression analysis?

The univariate vs multivariate analysis is used in examining statistics. Univariate means that there is one variable for analysis. Multivariate means that several aspects should be taken into consideration. Here is the example for multivariate: How gender, age, and level of education influence the score in IELTS?

What does Mark Twain satirize in this excerpt from "the £1,000,000 bank-note"?

In some excerpts, Mark Twain satirizes American society which uses long names and titles to name somebody from the higher stratum of society instead of using simple names. "The Million Pound Bank Note" is also a satirical view of money and corruption. The protagonist is intelligent enough to make use of his money and make even more. The fact that Henry finds a banknote when he is lost is a type of irony rather than satire.

How a Failed Forecast Can Inform Future Planning?

Even the best financial forecasts can’t predict every weak season or every surprise expense. Still, forecasts have a lot to teach the entrepreneur who’s ready to learn, says Tim Berry, cash flow expert and author of The Plan-As-You-Go Business Plan.” A good forecast connects the dots so you can correct problems and take advantage of opportunities.” In this short video, cash-flow experts explain what entrepreneurs can do when forecasts fail, and the metrics they can study to prevent problems in the future.

Where did Gatsby get his money from in "The Great Gatsby"?

How did Gatsby get his money? In the conversation with Tom, Gatsby reveals that he earned most of his fortune by selling alcohol. However, it can be possible that other illegal ventures helped the man become rich. Fitzgerald doesn’t want to show his main character from a negative side. That is why he doesn’t explain a lot about Gatsby’s criminal past.

What evolutionary development allowed plants to grow tall?

What evolutionary development allowed plants to grow tall? It is a vascular system which includes phloem and xylem. These tissues transport nutrition and water over distances and heights. Those plants which are nonvascular cannot grow tall, and they can live only in damp territories.

How do courses in MS at Stanford compare to those at the GSB?

MS&E is more related to technological sphere while GSB is more about strategy in Management. The teaching method in both classes also differ. The former one is more teacher-centered, so you will need to write down the lectures. However, in the GSB you'll be more involved in the discussion.

What are the three fundamental elements of an effective security program for information systems?

There are three main elements of an effective security program for information systems. It consists of identification (it means entering your username when you log in, but don't mix it with the password entering), authentication (the means of proving that you are that person) and authorization (when the two aforementioned steps are completed; this step determines what you can do with the system or what you are allowed to do).

Is the National society Sigma Alpha Pi legitimate?

The Sigma Alpha Pi is hands-down legitimate. It is the national society which invites top students to join in. It focuses on enhancing leadership qualities and achieving success.

Another word for expensive?

an arm and a leg
at a premium
highway robbery
out of sight
pretty penny
too high

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