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Young Economist of the Year competition in 2007, in association with Tutor, the 02 Samaritan 2011 winner online teaching resource business. Students are invited to write an essay of between 1,000 to 2,500 words, on a subject set by the President of the Royal Economic Society, calling on key elements of their A Level or International Baccalaureate courses, examples from the world around them and imaginative discussion. Each year's topic for the essay title will be set in the Spring term and advertised through Tutorial and the REST website.

The winner of the Young Economist of the Year prize is announced in August each year, with the prize presentation to be made at the REST Annual Public Lecture in London. The winner of the Young Economist of the Year wins El, OHO, with runners-up each receiving IEEE. The 2013 Young Economist of the Year Congratulations to all of the over 1150 entrants for making "a tremendous effort to research their answers and craft answers with a clear argument running through their final piece.

This competition tries to encourage students to avoid the straight-jacketed techniques best suited to exam-style questions. It was a delight to see in 2013 that many economists were happy to choose this route and we offer warm thanks to their teachers for support and encouragement. " (Geoff Riley, initial Judging panel, Tutor) List of Highly Commended and shortlist Finalists Charles Bean (REST President and Bank of England), Professor Tim Bessel (London School of Economics) and Stephanie Flanders (BBC) have now selected four winners.

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Read the final Society Judges report here. SST place, the Winner of The Young Economist of the Year 2013 award is Elli Weathering. Elli Weathering of Runaway College, Leland, Lancashire presented the best essay entitled "Does the international mobility of talent make it impossible to tax the rich? ". Else's very lively well-written essay unearthed a wide range of relevant evidence but showed independence of thought in considering the underlying economics of her examples. The Judges considered her a thoroughly deserving winner of the competition. Read the winning essay here.T runner up is Tom Router of Bishop Wordsmith's School, Salisbury, Wiltshire for his essay on "Must quantitative easing end in inflation? " There were many strong essays on this topic, but Tom's distinguished itself by the clear structure of its argument and its use of an example drawn from the world of video games. Read the 2nd place essay here: Joint 3rd place was awarded to Georgian Evans (Peres School Cambridge) and Holly e ca (SST Pall's Girls School, London) boot to whom addressed the question "Sin the experience of China silence those who think democracy is good for growth?

Due to a large number of entries we regret that no further feedback can be provided. Previous Years' Essay Titles and Competition Winners From this page, you can link to the Essay titles and Competition winners and runners-up, their essays and the Judges' reports from previous years

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