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The E-Word for a Beautiful Me

Essay Topic:

Taking care of our health is not an option. It is our responsibility and we can reach our fullest potential and have a beautiful healthy body with exercise. The newspapers,magazines,billboards and advertisements are saturated with information on how excersice keeps fit and helps prevent diseases.

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There is a wide variety of excersice that we can do. Young adults can do brisk walking,jogging,cycling,swimming and playing games for thirty minutes a day, three times a week. One exercise programme that is highly recommende is aerobic exercise.

Aerobic exercise ,if done consistently,help to boost metabolism. It promotes cardiovascular fitness by making the heart and lungs work harder. The heart pumps more blood and this help prevent the building ip of fat and clotting of blood in the arteries. The lungs receive more oxygen during the activity and this makes them stronger. Another benefit is the control of weight and increase in the flexibility of muscle and joints. Exercising or doing workouts at the gym two to three times a week is enough to increase our fitness level.

The frequency depends on one’s fitness level and time. It should be done as a form of relaxation,not a burden. One can supplement these workouts with brisk walking or jogging in the park during the week. This will help to maintain and keep the habit of exercising alive. It can become a way of life. Every session or outing can take about 30 to 45 minutes. When working ,keep the pace brisk and relaxed not tense. One should feel comfortable and not be panting or out of breath. The key to a good workout is to do it with a companion.

To take the. onotony or tedium out of exercise,exchange opinions and comments to encourage or discourage with your companion. It is also encouraging to have someone to compete with,albeit on a friendly basis. All these exercises will not beneficial if one’s diet is not in tune with the body. Eat moderately and healthily. Do not oeverindulge as overeating is,at the risk of sounding mundane,bad for health. Disciss this with a dietician if you are not sure. So,the E-word for a beautiful me is exercise but have a good balance with whatever form exercise you take and follow a proper diet.