Bahamas is the most beautiful place in the world

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Bahamas is an independent nation in the North Atlantic Ocean, south-east of Florida. It is a member of the British Commonwealth of Nations. The Bahamas consists about 700 islands and more than 2,000 rocks and cays (islets) forming an archipelago 550 miles (890 km) long. The largest islands are Andros, Great Inagua, Great Abaco, and Grand Bahama. On New Providence Island is Nassau, the nation’s capital. Thesis Statement: This paper intent to: (1) justify why Bahamas is the most beautiful place in the world; (2) scrutinizes the climate and sceneries of this place and: (3) know about why tourists are attracted to visit this place.

II. Discussion The Bahamas is considered as the most beautiful place in the world because it has a warm, tropical climate with average temperatures around 70° to 75° F. in winter and 80° to 85° F. in summer. Average annual rainfall varies from 50 inches (635 mm) in the northern islands to 25 inches (635 mm) in the south. Tourists are also attracted by the warm climate, beautiful beaches, water sports, and casinos which the nation’s main source of income. Grand Bahamas and New Providence islands draw the most visitors, although the other islands, called the Out Islands, are becoming increasingly popular.

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The country’s liberal tax laws make it a tax haven, and international banking, centered in Nassau, contributes substantially to the economy. In addition, there are paved roads on many of the islands but no railways that make the tourists feel that they are really far from the busy life in the city. Nassau and Freeport (on Grand Bahama Island) are the chief seaports and have international airports. The Out Islands are served mainly by scheduled and charter airlines. III. Conclusion In conclusion, Bahamas is the most beautiful place because of its magnificent beaches that are so clean and blue and resorts that are incomparable.

The place is totally amazing. It has its indescribable sceneries that will be enjoyed by tourists that no matter how many trendier resorts have came out yet Bahamas continually maintains its competitive natural beauty. Bahamas also has its latest and trendier resort hotels that continuously growing. Basically, the place has nice beaches and attractive spots that everyone would love. It also provides water sports like scuba diving and snorkeling and historically known as a place of casino and have plenty of boutiques, shops and restaurants where tourists can visit.

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