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Driving Age

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Most people don’t like the driving age at 21, a lot of them are teens. A lot of the teens feel that the government is taking away part of there freedom. If teens at 18 are able to vote and, go into the military shouldn’t they be able to drive, at 18 to? In some states the driving age is 16, I think it should be raised to 18 because most, Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death among 15- to 20-year-olds.

I think it would be better, to get your driving license at 18 because if the teen as a job, the parents would have to drive the teen to work and back. If the teen is able to drive it would be a burden lifted off of the parent. The parent would not have to drive the teen everywhere and the parent is free to do what he/she wants to do without having to drive the teen every place. Rising the driving age can save money, gas, and lives. Of course there would have to be certain hardship exemptions. It could not be allowed to become something, just began seeking just to gain a license.

And just wanting a job shouldn't qualify one for an exemption. If someone under 18 wants to work, they would have to seek something within walking/biking distance or along public transportation lines. Only about one third of teens work paid jobs during the summer, so it isn't hard to imagine those wanting to work could do so without having to drive. The primary industries affected by increasing the driving age to 18 are the automotive manufacturers, auto insurance, gas and driving education companies.

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This basically covers the largest firms within the auto industry. The automotive manufacturers would only see a delay in purchases by a factor of three years and only for the first three years that the driving age was raised to 18. The auto insurance companies would hopefully gain revenues by not having to pay out insurance claims due to car accidents created by the 15 – 18 old teens. Gasoline companies would see a reduction in their revenues with the reduction of gasoline usage.

Driving schools would see the most significant impact. Short term they would lose business for the first 3 years. If we didn’t lower the driving age from 21 to 18, there would be more accidents from other teen, that are 16-20. Also if the driving age was 18, a lot more people wouldn’t find the need to drive without a license. They wouldn’t need as much money for insurance and gas. I think that the driving license should stay 18 instead of 21.

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