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Should the Age Allowance of Driving Be Lowered to 16 Years?

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Should the age allowance of driving be lowered to 16 years? Driving has always been popular among young boys and girls, which goes back for over 100 years ago. The very first automobile was built by Karl Benz which was a German scientist in the 18s century. By his name you could wonder why his last name is Benz, which is the same name that we used to call “gasoline” (Bensin). Funny enough his father is called Mercedes Benz. Mercedes, as many people know, is the very first car-company. Since then cars has been mass-produced, and is now available to prices that suits almost everyone.

It has given many solutions to people that lives far away from work, school, relatives etc. More importantly it has done benefits to transports of food supplies, material and other stuff which has kept this world on balance. But this has also led to many accidents on the streets, which mostly occurs by young people that does not exceed the age of 20, and is now ranked on the top death-accidental stuff a human being can experience. So we ask the following question: What is the most suitable age at which people can start driving?

Psychologists that have been researching on young teenagers have stated that humans become uncontrollable when they enter the period of “14-17 years”. And that it is not unusual that teenager that entered that period become fiercer and starts rushing after inordinate desires, which affects driving vehicles a lot in a negative way. And only a few numbers of people can control that large amount of energy. P. Fredrik is a psychologist who has devoted his life on studying teenagers, and has said that the large amount of energy starts disappearing in the end of the age 17, and people become more controllable after they pass the age of 17.

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Even if driving at the age of 16 increases the risk of accidents on the streets, there will also be lots of benefits of allowing people to drive at the age of 16. Principal of Kenny University, George Johansson has stated that more students start to drop school after they finish High School. Doctor Dennis Henry has been studying that reason for 5 years now and has come to some few reasons to why more students start to drop school after High School. And one of those reasons says that students has a lack of transport since school buses aren’t available after High School and they still don’t have the right to drive vehicles to school which could replace the need of transport. Therefore stops encouraging students to enter Universities. Finally, to keep the minimum number of accidents on the streets which can lead to death or permanent injuries and at the same time give students the opportunity to enter Universities which will give them a better life in the near future, the age allowance of driving vehicles should keep it at 18 years.

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