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Drama Performance Evaluation

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In our most recent performance we created a play called “The Streets” In this my characters friend dies as he is shot by my brother. I have to show sadness towards his death during the slow motion reaction scene whilst also being shocked. When the scene comes to life I have to use body language and facial expression to show that at the same time. I am upset that my brother has shot my friend and that he took his to dislike towards him that far. Whilst being panicked and anxious, because I don’t know how to deal with the grief. I am searching for help, with my desperate pleas, but nobody is around to help me, as they are all in the same situation as my character. Everybody is dealing with same emotions.

I think the piece was effective as the music throughout would have set the mood and atmosphere as the music is quite calming and relaxing, which contrasts with the harshness of the death. Also the “gangs” reaction is contrasted when they refuse to help him, and then later regret this decision. The sorrow begins to set in, the community will never be the same, as every single persons character is connected in some way to Tom. Whether that’s his friend, family or just someone who knew his family. We are all deeply affected by what has happened. During this performance we touch on the themes of domestic abuse, lies, relationships and drugs. The mood of the play stays the same throughout.

As I was a gang member I had to change how I walked, the way I talked and my overall attitude and reactions to things to make it believable. I walked with a lisp, spoke in slang and reacted as if I thought that I was better than everyone else and that I could beat the all if it came to a fight. These are all the ways that I changed my character from my personality to get a higher mark. Of course costume was another factor to help me get in character.

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Overall I think that as a whole class we did very well, people remembered their cues and lines. Everyone knew what the next scene was. People used facial expressions to convey how they were feeling to the audience. And body language was used to make characters believable. Although of course there were some bad points, people lost focus and came out of character, people mimed actions and they were looking at the teacher whenever she didn’t get the lighting or music cues right. People also talked in between scenes.

I would grade myself at a merit, as although it was effective towards the end, I lost my focus and it wasn’t clear as to who I was. As I became my comfortable with the audience being there then I began to become myself more and more towards the end of the performance which would obviously pull my grade down from a distinction.

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