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Doppelganger In doppelganger the main protagonist Andrew has a crisis of identity. Who is he? Is he the good boy, he describes himself in chapter 6 as a “G gated kid in an X rated world”. Andrew is in fact an assessory (assistant) to the crime; under the law he would be considered guilty or culpable.

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This means that he has responsibly for crimes that he knows about and lets happen. When Josh bullies the year seen boy unnecessarily and Andrew allows it to happen when he could intervene Andrew is also guilty. Andrew did not intervene when josh destroyed the religion teacher’s personal photo.

Andrew did not intervene when josh bashed and robbed the pizza delivery boy. Andrew allowed josh to drug him with beer and whiskey, which enables josh to seduce Melanie. Throughout the book Andrew continues to allow both Josh’s to control him and to manipulate and to deceive many people. In the alternate world bad Josh has more power because in that universe/parallel world there are fewer controls on peoples beastliness. Andrew watches as Josh randomly attacks a teenager at Kings Cross, smashing his face in with knuckle-dusters, bad Josh called that an ‘announcement’ of the HallBoys.

My Josh said the same thing when he bashed the year 7 boy at school. He has said that it was also an announcement to watch out. Both joshes use violence and intimidation and emotional manipulation to control people. Josh uses Andrew, he calls him ‘buddy’, and he invites him to things like the party and holidays. Josh puts on a mask on concern and interest for Andrews life; but actually uses him for his own game. In this way Josh is similar to Carl Denham. Bad Josh is significantly more violent. It is through understanding the violence of bad Josh that Andrew begins to take responsibility for his own actions.

Andrew starts to plan how he can stop bad Josh from killing many more people when he attacks the inner station. This results in Andrews attempt to kill ‘My Josh’ through drugging his beer/stout. Symbols/ Motifs of Decay •Used condoms •Random sex •Decaying building and streets/broken windows •Rubbish •Overcoats, great coats, army gear •Cleanliness, dirt •Food •Violence as a means of control •Reading as an escape and knowledge •Knowledge as power •Religion as a means of control •Self control •The beast within There is two types of masks, the ones we are conscious of and the ones that we are unaware of.

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