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Disolving stress living The Present

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Stress is the emotional, mental and physical response to the ever changing environment; in an attempt to adapt to the new outer circumstances, the person produces stress. Stress itself is not good neither bad, since our bodies are designed to produce stress. I keep us alert and active. The problem starts when we cross the limit of disturbance and make it chronic; this is when we feel stress about situations that don’t require such an alterative state of mind.

Stress is present in our society, especially in the big cities and capitals where is aggravated by the noise, traffic and long distances. Stress can be cause by anything that requires a person to adjust to a new situation and this depend on how every person takes an event, since every human being is unique, there are so many ways of experiencing stress and the causes that can produce it. In a certain way, stress is necessary to live, but if not controlled; it can disturb seriously the person who suffers it.

Young women face higher risks of stress, especially the working ones but it seems the damaging effects of stress on them is minimised by the fact that they speak out about it; on the contrary, men seem to keep it for themselves. Lately it seems stress is starting to affect even children and teenagers; some suggest they may be “learning” it from their parents. Also, White race seems more sensitive to stress than Black and Asian race and the more educated is a person, the more stress can experience. For stress management has nothing to do with intellectual learning but experimental, is an attitude towards life.

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Maybe the reason is that the most educated have a very high sense of must, while the non- educated is not aware of the opportunities that is missing (not involved in the rat race). Personally, what I learnt about stress is that is almost impossible to get rid of it by itself, is necessary to apply consciousness in order to become calmer, quieter, try to live the moment and not live in the future nor in the past but let life just to unfold itself, day by day, and solve the issues that the moment brings, when they come to light (not try to solve them in mind before they happen).

In order to review the literature on stress and describe both the processes and sources of stress, as well as methods for coping, a literature search was conducted which identified 3 studies that were relevant to the questions in this paper, one of them about the work related stress, another on relation between mindfulness and stress and another on relation between breast cancer and stress. RESULTS Stress could be then thought of as an exaggerated reaction of the body that acts upon an external circumstance on a non proportional way.

It causes emotional suffering to the person who carries it and it can even develop in depression. The physiological reactions are nervousness physical upsetting, tiredness, etc.. Therefore, meditation proves very successful in the treatment of stress. Also, a realistic view of life can help, avoiding living on desires or sheer of imagination. Also Bach flowers may help without having to suffer any side effects.

Disolving stress living The Present essay

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