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I will be discussing two adverts. The first one I will be discussing is titled 'the latest phones' written by a mobile phone company called 'smalltalk' which advertises a mobile phone advert. The second advert is also a mobile phone advertisement titled 'Plilips fisio 820' written by the mobile phone company 'Philips'. For both of these mobile phone advertisements I will explain what the designers of the two adverts are trying to do.

The major purpose of the first advert is to advertise products the newest phones and to persuade the target audience into purchasing a mobile phone which goes for the second advert too. For this advertisement the company identifies itself by displaying the company name and the brand logo, in the bottom right-hand side corner of the page. We can see the purpose of this advert in the quote. "the latest phones direct to your door."

In the quote above the advertiser shows the reader the this advertisement is going to advertise the latest phones. In my opinion the target audience for this advert are teenagers and people in their early twenty's. I think that the reader of this advert is shown by this quote that this advert is going to present to him/her the latest phones that this company has and if he/she orders a phone, it can be delivered straight to their door. I believe that the use of the words "latest phones" strongly verifies the purpose of this advertisement.

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The main purpose of the second advert is to advertise the phone Philips fisio 820, a new phone which has a colour screen. For this advertisement the company identifies itself by the company name, which is also the brand name, this name is located in the same position as the company name and logo on the first advert. We can see the purpose of this advert in the quote. "Philips fisio 820, as colourful as you are." The target audience for this mobile phone are business men and women, I was given this impression while I was reading through the small print at the bottom of the page.In this quote the advertiser introduces the new phone to the reader. I feel that in this quote the advertiser has announced the phone that the advert is subject to. I also think that in this short statement, "As colourful as you are" the writer hints to the reader the main feature of this phone, which is a colour screen.

The top part of the first advert is basically saying to the reader have a look at some of our new phones, a picture of the phone is displayed and beneath them it says the word "new!" in bold followed by information about the phone.. And in the middle it is catching the readers eyes with the constant use of the word "free" which makes the reader want to find out more about the special offers. In the bottom section of the advert the writer continues to attract the reader attention by using the words, "free extras", "free fuji camera" and "free insurance cover" .

Which would imply to the reader that you get nearly everything is free. The product-centred techniques appeal to the target audiences' modern lifestyle, which means that he/she might want to have a mobile phone to fit in at school or college which is known as peer pressure or it could be used as a fashion statement. I think for this advert the advertiser will succeed in persuading the people that their desire is a need.

The second advert is only advertising one mobile phone unlike the first advert, which advertises a whole verity of phones. This advert is advertising the Philips company's new phone which has a colour screen.The name of the phone is shown at the top lest-hand side of the page, which can easily be noticed and read.The picture of the pone is displayed in the centre of the advert. Under the picture of the phone it says, "As colourful as you are."

Which suggests to the reader that your picture can be stored in colour on the phone. At the bottom of the advert it gives a detailed description of the phone and its services. The product-centred techniques appeal to the target audiences need for value for money. The layout of the first advert is a fairly simple. The advert first shows the title for the advert, followed by four new phones with the word "new!" written under three of them and "just in!" written under the last one to catch the readers eye, under that it had details of the mobile phone. Which is then followed by four other phones with the word "free" written under them and then the phone details, which will make the reader want to read more about it. At the bottom of the advert there is a new tariff being advertised called "Orange Everytime" with the tariff details displayed in a table.

At the bottom it also offer the reader free delivery in the quote, "Order before 4:00pm for free UK next day delivery." On the right-hand side of the page there is a list of 'smalltalk' company services going down with the pictures in a little circle and the name and details of the services below it. The layout of the second advert is not so simple unlike the first adverts layout. There are two images that the advertiser has decided to use, picture one is of the new mobile phone which is located in the centre of the advert. The second picture is of an eye which is repeated ten times around the phone. This image is very striking and it is set out to confuse. To me that image looks a bit like a sun, I think the advertiser might have set out the image like that to imply the fact that the phone has a colour screen and the sun lets out light.

The use of language in the first advert is sort of pushy because in a way the advert is forcing the reader to buy a phone, the advertiser constantly keeps using the word "free" throughout the advert which I believe makes the advert look pushy. The word "free" is also an enticing word because it seduces the target audience. The use of language in the second advert is set as an informal tone. This language uses Wit, there is one pun that I have noticed and this is in the quote, "As colourful as you are." I feel that this quote has a double meaning, first the advertiser is talking about you the reader and the advertiser is also talking about the new mobile phone with a colour screen. There is no technical jargon used in any of the two adverts.

The response I think the first advertisement would want to achieve is for people in their target audience to phone them on the free phone number provided at the bottom of the advert. People would phone and order phones that they read about and liked. And people would also visit their company website, or e-mail and fax them. So that they would get more customers and there business would grow. The response I think the second advertisement would like to achieve is for people in their target audience to phone the number at the bottom of the advert and to have enquiries on how and where can you buy Philips fisio 820. So that they would have a larger variety of customers. And they would like people to visit their website which is also given on the advert.

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