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Compare the two adverts The two diverse adverts I have selected to analyse consists of a Rimmel London mascara advert and a vegetarian “fight the fat” advert. I will discuss in detail the purpose of each advert, the layout, Language and audience amongst many other qualities these two adverts consist of. The purpose of Rimmel Londons advert is to inform females who are specifically interested in mascara of the Rimmel Londons “NEW EXTREAME BLACK MAGNIF’EYES MASCARA”. In doing so this advert is very persuasive as they would like their product to be bought. In comparison, the second advert annualised, is a healthy eating organisation.

This PETA. org. UK advert is being used in order to persuade adults (someone other than a “child”) not to feed children meat as it “is child abuse”. Moreover this advert is being used to advertise the organisation supporting this claim and inform the audience of their web address. The objective to Peta. org. uk is to deter children from eating meat and communicate the idea that meat has a consequence on a child’s health and adult should not feed them it as they are causing them harm. Likewise, Women aged between eighteen and above are the targeted audience for Rimmel London’s product.

I am given this impression as Kate Moss; a successful ‘cool’ style and beauty icon (many men love and women look up to) is the model being used to display and promote this product. This is an advantage as it would boost Rimmel London’s sales due to the fact that many women would purchase this product satisfied with Kate’s involvement and simply in order to feel beautiful, like Kate moss and model material. As with the Peta organisation advertisement, the audience this advert is being subjected to is everyone, although it is mainly for anyone other than a “child” yet imperative for parents.

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This advert uses the burger which is a common unhealthy food yet favourite to some, to attract the attention of their audience, everyone. However, a wide eyed obese child eager to consume the burger is being used in order to attract the attention of other children and parents. This image along with the adverts heading is very ironic and would shock parents above all as the child in the image is eating a substance which is “abusing” them. “Feeding kid’s meat” is not often related to “child abuse” although parents will relate to the image greatly for they would compare their child/children to the boy crossing the ine of morbid obesity in the picture. Popular Rimmel London mascara advert uses a wide range of persuasive techniques in order to boost the sales of their product. Such techniques include statistics, as the advert states “70% MORE VERTICAL LASHES”. This statement is a large claim and readers would be extremely amused by it, furthermore it is produced in capital letters in order to gather the reader’s attention and compliment its extremity, as with other statements in this advert.

The name in which the product is labelled with plays with words cleverly, giving the impression that who ever purchases this product will immediately have magnificent eyes “MAGNIF’EYES” this clever conjunction additionally encourages the “BREAK THROUGH EYE MAGNIFIER BRUSH” Rimmel London have achieved. Standard English is the language used in the two adverts, however the statement “Feeding kids meat is child abuse” is written in as a matter of fact and not opinion.

By doing so, this misleads readers along with being very controversial, as not many would agree with it. However now that many readers (parents) are informed of the negative opinions regarding meat, it is there obligation to research this claim and find out whether or not they are abusing children (their child). As this advert promotes healthy eating “FIGHT THE FAT” is a part of this advert slogan. This statement is not only alliteration but also a representation of the type of food they are encouraging, vegetables.

The use of alliteration lightens the situation yet “GO VEG” gives the impression of a protest which portrays the determination and seriousness of the situation. “BLACK ON BLACK” again is the heading and example of alliteration used in Rimmel Londons Mascara advert. This phrase is not only used to describe the extreme colour of the mascara but also used to describe mutual violence between the African races, as a result the use of this phrase could trick a quick reader of African heritage as it relates to them, and therefor this advert would be receiving the attention of a wider audience.

The choice of adjectives and nouns are to the highest standard. An impression of a fresh product is what I am given when I am presented with the word “NEW EXTREAME”. The Audience would feel honoured to buy a product which is so recent and exceedingly great in degree. “Outstanding lash lift” the use of this adjective marks the excellence in which this mascara lifts your eye lashes. By purchasing this product, women would believe that their eyelashes would extend as long as Kate’s (in the advert) when applying the ascara; although the picture has been edited by Photoshop and is in fact not her real eyelashes. “DOUBLE HIT” also indicates to the audience that they are purchasing two in one; the mascara does not only achieve length, but also volume making the audience feel privileged enough to purchase this product. Similarly the “BREAKTHROUGH EYE MAGNIFIER BRUSH” gives the impression that in order to make this product Rimmel London have overcome a restriction and have in turn achieved success which will allow their further progress.

The writing is placed clearly with maximum of two rows at the bottom of the page in insure Kate Moss’s face is not hidden and make the reading easier for readers. As for the healthy eating advert white is the chosen background colour given. In doing so the audience’s full attention is directed to the writing making the background not at all a distraction but complimentary to the writing. A large font size is used in order for readers at first glance to read the statement. Two font sizes are used in this add one smaller than the other.

The natural colours used are red, blue and green in order to portray the healthiness in the subject. The website is highlighted in order for it to be clear and concise for the audience in order to get in contact with the organisation. However the feminine use of the colour red (both in the background and font) not only attracts their attention of the Rimmel Londons audience, but also sets the scene and feel of this mascara making it an irresistibly, feminine and lustful object every women should own and not be without.

The Black circle used in the background of Kate in addition gives a hypnotising effect to in order the audience to be given the impression that once this mascara is applied everyone will be mesmerised. The magnified image of the mascara brush gives the audience a scientific perspective into how minuet the brush bristles are making them even more wondrous. The Small font size is ironic as it complements the mascaras objective, whereas the use of white font is given in order to make the reading simple for the audience and is also used to highlight “Rimmel” to give awareness of the mascara brand.

In conclusion the two adverts analysed contrast greatly, factors including the amount of design (Rimmel more than Peta), purpose of each advert, audience which the two adverts are aimed at alongside many more important factors, although the two adverts fit under the category of health and beauty. In my opinion the two adverts where indeed correct in how they communicated to their objective to the chosen audience making both as successful as each other.

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